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    iPhone 11 Pro, the device with the most gloomy sales of the iPhone 3 this year, just because it is not much different from iPhone 11 Pro Max and the price difference is not too much.

    Apple will certainly know this in advance, but why are they still launching such machines? If you do not know the reason, please find out in this article.

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    #first. iPhone 11 Pro sluggish: A predictable phenomenon!

    It is not strange that such a low-priced machine will be dull!

    Specifically, the iPhone 11 Pro costs about 30 million, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max with memory costs 33 million, while the iPhone 11 with the same memory is only priced at 22 million.

    This means that people with less money will choose to buy iPhone 11, more money will try to buy iPhone 11 Pro Max, because the price difference with the Pro version is not too significant.

    Not just iPhone 11 Pro. Any device, or closer to the iPhone XS, will be dull if put in such a price.


    Apple certainly knows this, right? So why haven't they changed their strategy and abandoned the iPhone 11 Pro this year?

    #2. So what is the reason?

    First, like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max, this device is also aimed at a specific user.

    Apple is one of the rare companies still producing compact smartphones. The evidence is that they still retain the iPhone 8 until now.

    The iPhone 11 Pro has a screen smaller than the iPhone 11, the configuration and hardware are still the maximum, it is for those who prefer to use a small machine, convenient to hold, or some other needs such as video recording and sound recording.

    Next up: What your money!

    The iPhone 11 Pro screen is smaller than the 11 Pro Max, so is the battery. Ie On-Screen time of these two will be almost the same.

    In addition, iPhone 11 Pro still has the same design as 11 Pro Max, still has 3 cameras, still has the maximum configuration, .... That is, the price you pay still gives you a worthy experience, rather than the difference or difference from the highest version.


    Finally: iPhone 11 Pro will be the springboard for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    The Apple iPhone 11 Pro with small cuts, along with a small difference, will give users the thought of trying a little more money to get the most advanced version, instead of looking back and buying an iPhone. 11.

    Without the iPhone 11 Pro, I bet a significant number of buyers will turn to the iPhone 11, and only those who really have a lot of money will choose for themselves the iPhone 11 Pro Max. That is, Apple's revenue will decrease.


    # 3. Conclude

    Overall: Apple has already counted. It's not difficult to understand when a new iPhone is sold like this, and Apple is not surprising. It is in their plan 😀

    Do you think there are other reasons for Apple to produce iPhone 11 Pro? Please comment below this article about your thoughts and perspectives for you to discuss offline.

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