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Apple is a technology company with very popular products such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook and especially the iOS operating system, an OS platform for its mobile devices.

Unlike Google (Google provides Android for free to OEMs), Apple is completely exclusive to iOS and only used on its iDevice.

So what is the reason? Why did Apple decide to keep its own iOS operating system exclusive? Have you ever asked such a question? If so, let me find out in this article.

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#first. Apple is very different from Google

Googoe agrees for OEMs to access and use AOSP (Android's open source), and support them to customize Rom to put on devices of different brands.

However, Google requires them to bring Google Service (devices) on devices, even use Google Apps to replace some default apps such as Google Chrome browser, Google Calendar, Google Map, CH Play store (Google Play) and its Gmail email service…

This inadvertently constitutes a habit for users: They will prefer to use these App, instead of finding similar 3rd party applications.

And with a few billion regular users, it's easy to understand when Google can make money from advertising on the service platforms they provide.

Apple is not an advertising company like Google, so they cannot do the same. But instead, they will charge iOS on iDevice.

For example, for every iPhone sold, about 5% of the value of the device is money for iOS services, they can still make money to develop and maintain the platform.

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#2. The binding on brand quality

For a long time, Apple has been famous for good products, high perfection, impressive technology and relatively expensive prices.

So let's now try to make a hypothesis: What if Apple sold iOS to Chinese phone companies?

Most Chinese smartphone companies love dumping, and this is their business strategy.

They are willing to throw away what they think users are not too necessary to bring the cheapest price.

So what do you think of a plastic Xiaomi, not waterproof, ugly camera, poorly finished and running iOS?

Not acceptable, right?

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Next: Apple is tied to the brand, and this makes it impossible for them to sell iOS. Because if you sell iOS, surely companies like Samsung, Huawei, or Sony will be able to make devices much better than the iPhone, and the price is also very comfortable.

Put simply, this will be a very powerful slap in the face of iFan. And iOS, with the stability, security, and long-term support it brings, is why mainstream users choose iPhones

Next up: Make no mistake as Android. Google allows OEMs to use and customize the Android operating system, which makes the Android Rom market very confusing. An OEM like Samsung has two customizable interfaces for its devices.

Xiaomi has subsidiaries Redmi, Pocophone and Black Shark, using 3 different custom skins. At the same time, the devices of the above OEMs use different hardware.

I mentioned in the previous article, this made the machine uneven, and the result was that all Android devices were quickly labeled.

Google has implemented two Android One and Go projects, and also launched Google Pixel products that are not inferior to Apple. However, this is relatively late, so it can not change that idea of ​​the user

# 3. Hardware constraints

Not only does iOS create strength or value for iDevice (Apple devices), but it also depends a lot on the chip.

That is, if Apple wants to sell iOS but does not want users' confidence in the stability of the device to be shaken, then they need to sell its chip.

Chip A Apple may not be so powerful, but iDevice's perfect combination of hardware and software is what makes the experience great.

If Apple does not sell chips A, others will use iOS with other chips like Kirin, Exynos or Snapdragon. This will make those devices laggy, hot, flaws, etc. about the iOS operating system will not show what it is.

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What if Apple sells A chip with iOS? If so, Apple's proprietary technologies would have been widely available, and of course nobody bought iDevice anymore.

# 4. Conclusion

As such, there are too many reasons to Apple holds the iOS operating system exclusively, for the sake of simplicity, they have no benefit selling it to other OEMs, not to mention free offerings like Android.

This is the secret to keep Apple happy, healthy life to cope with a bunch of Android OEMs today.

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