Why Consider Considering Having Multiple Hosting Accounts


Why Consider Considering Having Multiple Hosting Accounts - If you're just getting started and you're still in the process of learning how to build a website, manage hosting accounts, you shouldn't worry about having multiple accounts. However, if you are trying to monetize your website or you build multiple websites to make money from it, then it is very important not to select all your hosting accounts at a single job. hosting company. You should regularly consider spreading your site across multiple hosting accounts, if possible at multiple web hosting companies. The following, we will guide you to the most common problems that small business owners are having while transitioning on a hosting service provider.

Do not host all your websites at a hosting companydownload-hosting-service-hosting-hosting

Here's a great example, about why you should consider hosting your website at different companies or different hosting accounts: let's say you're managing a small business. , primarily forwarding sales made through your website. You may be operating a network of websites that use different affiliate networks to sell products and services. You are doing quite well, but one day your hosting provider shuts down your account because it uses too many server resources or hacked scripts from your website that are sending email to customers. series or just off because they are not reliable. Your account will be investigated for a while, which may take several hours, but it could be a week. You will not only lose money but your Google rankings will also disappear.

Having multiple hosting accounts, hosting one or two websites, reduces the risk of losing all your revenue and the entire website network at once.

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Do not get the domain name at your hosting provider

Many hosting companies offer a free domain name with new accounts. This is a good way to start building a website, while saving some cash. However, if you are planning on a long-term plan, you should consider moving your domain name to a registrar. Some very good domain registrars where you can keep your domain name are NameCheap and Name.com. GoDaddy is fine, but their renewal price is quite high.


Why choose a domain name at a domain registrar instead of hosting provider? The main reason is cheaper domain registration. Another reason is, if you want to move your website to a new hosting company, the conversion will be much faster, because the domain name transfer can take up to 5-7 days. In case your domain name is kept private, you only have to change the nameserver and the domain name is pointing to the new server.

If you are dealing with tens of hundreds of domain names, you should definitely consider a second and third domain registrar. Discounts are usually applied to newly registered domain names and the renewal cost of a domain name can be much higher. Sometimes, domain name registrars offer big discounts for people who transfer their domain name to their manager, so you can save on renewal by moving your domain name between other accounts. together. Another reason why you should keep your domain name at different registrars is for safety. It rarely happens, but there have been instances when someone has lost all their domain names because a hacker managed to get the account password. If an unauthorized person has access to your account, all of your valuable domains can be transferred to another account and there is nothing you can do. With multiple accounts, you can reduce this risk.

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So, if you are running multiple websites and domain names, we recommend that you register the domain name and hosting on multiple accounts. This way, you can minimize the risk of losing everything and can act quickly in case you want to change your hosting provider.