What is WooCommerce and how to use it effectively


    What is WooCommerce and how to use it effectively - You do not know what WooCommerce is? And should this tool be used?

    Here is the quick answer for you:

    • WooCommerce helps you create an eCommerce store using WordPress.

    • WordPress is like your site's operating system and WordPress is also the most popular way to create a website.

    • WooCommerce takes that basic WordPress operating system and turns it into a best-performing commercial store.

    Moreover, WooCommerce is the most popular way to create an e-commerce store for successful websites. It supports 22% of the success of leading stores around the world.

    Why is WooCommerce popular?


    There are reasons why WooCommerce is a tool for building an eCommerce store:

    • WooCommerce is free and the basic WordPress software is also free.

    • WooCommerce is open source. Anyone audit, modify, or extend the code.

    • WooCommerce is a simple tool. You do not need to be a qualified developer to use it.

    • WooCommerce is expandable. You add new types of functionality to your store without any technical knowledge.

    • WooCommerce works on devices.

    • You use WooCommerce to control your store as you want without any technical knowledge.

    • WooCommerce is secure. In addition to being open source, WooCommerce comes from Automattic, a company famous for its rich resources to keep your store running at its best.

    What can you sell with WooCommerce?

    WooCommerce allows you to sell pretty much anything.

    The most common use is to sell products such as T-shirts, jewelry, etc. These are familiar stores like Amazon.

    But you can also use WooCommerce to sell digital products or charge for appointments, reservations, services, etc.

    Basically, if you want to sell something and accept payment for it, WooCommerce will help you do that.

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    Some examples of WooCommerce store?

    To answer the question of what WooCommerce is, let's take a look at some actual examples of Ecommerce stores provided by WooCommerce.

    • Blue Star Coffee Roasters


    Blue Star Coffee Roasters uses WooCommerce to sell coffee and accessories directly to consumers.


    Jack Rudy Cocktail Co sells cocktail dispensers using WooCommerce.

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    Deliciously Clean Eats uses WooCommerce to create an order menu where shoppers receive meals.

    What is WooCommerce and how do I use it?


    WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. So if you want to create your own commercial store with WooCommerce, you need to install and setup WordPress.

    Here's how to use WooCommerce

    1. Buy WordPress hosting and a domain name

    Hosting WordPress is powering your store and making it accessible worldwide and the domain name is your store's permanent address on the Internet.

    2. Install WordPress

    Once you have archived, you need to install basic WordPress software. The hosting server makes it easy to install WordPress even if it has already been installed for you.

    3. Install WooCommerce

    Next, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin and run through the setup wizard for basic configuration. Once you've done that, you will officially have an eCommerce store in operation.

    4. Expand WooCommerce with plugins and themes

    To customize your store, you use two types of extensions:

    • Plugins - these plugins expand your store with new functionality (like the WooCommerce plugin that extends the core WordPress software with eCommerce functionality).

    • Themes - these topics help you control what your store looks like to visitors

    You will see lots of free and paid WooCommerce themes.

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    WooCommerce is a free tool that helps you create an eCommerce store. Moreover, it is provided by open source WordPress software, which is the most common way to create a working website.

    In addition to providing you with many functions to create a store, WooCommerce is simple to expand, helping you customize your store to meet your needs.

    To get started with WooCommerce, you need to:

    Buy hosting and a domain name

    Install WordPress

    Install the WooCommerce plugin

    Expand your store with plugins and themes

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