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Deep fusion, the new photography capabilities Apple has equipped for the 2019 iPhone trio (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max), can be used with the newly released iOS 13.2 version.

This technology was mentioned by Apple during this year's iPhone launch event, and in this article, I will explain it a bit more in depth for you to understand. Let's go to the post now!

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#first. What is deep fusion?

Deep fusion is a new photography feature, using the camera cluster on the iPhone 11 trio and Apple A13 chip to perform. This means that older devices will not be able to capture Deep fusion despite being able to update to iOS 13.2 Beta.

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According to what Apple said during the event, this is a feature that allows the camera to take extremely detailed images using the Machine Learning algorithm to process and synthesize images.

Specifically, when you hold the device up, its AI will predict the subject you want to capture, and take four short exposures, even before you have taken them.

Next, when you press the shutter, the image you have obtained will be a longer exposure image, along with four additional images. The AI ​​and Neural Network system in the A13 Bionic chip will process all 9 images in a very short time, and produce high resolution images, wide color range, high quality HDR, low noise, ...

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This can be considered as a combination of two imaging algorithms that have appeared before: Exposure and image synthesis by AI. However, the advantage of Deep fusion is that it can use AI to predict and capture objects before, as well as very fast image processing of Apple A13 Bionic chip.

#2. What about the quality of photos taken with Deep fusion?

I can't experience this feature on iPhone 11 Series. However, from the images and comments posted by foreign websites, I have summarized some things as follows:

Deep fusion is true for sharper images, details such as wool, cotton, hair, cloth, ... will be sharper, higher contrast.

However, the ability to eliminate noise is not so good with the same color, like when you take a wall.

The pictures taken from Deep fushion will not look too different on a small screen like the iPhone, and still not detailed enough for you to see comfortably on a large screen.

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# 3. Personal rating

It sounds promising, but Deep fusion's initial offering didn't make too much impression. But anyway, this is only iOS 13.2 Beta, and probably takes more time to complete this algorithm.

Deep fusion is once again an attack on Chinese hardware ideology, where the iPhone can produce extremely sharp photos with only 3 12MP cameras, instead of 3, 4 cameras or sensors. , 64MP on Android devices.

Have you tried the Deep fusion experience? If experienced then leave your personal opinion below the comment section. Thank you!

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