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What is Customer Insight? A rather confusing term and too much "vague" information on the internet! So, let GOBRANDING learn more about Customer Insight and its business applications when owning an "expensive" Customer Insight.

1. What is Customer Insight?

Before understanding exactly what Customer insight is, you need to know the Vietnamese way of "marketing people" for the word insight: tacit truth.

Note: tacit truth other than fact. Distinguishing this key point, you will understand what Customer Insight is clearly.

Fact are the reasons "floating above the ice" when a customer takes an action or shows an attitude.

For example, a person buys a mini closet for the purpose of storing clothes for their 5-year-old daughter. This is the obvious fact that both you and your competitors and customers can identify.

However, tacit truth is the "underground flow of ice" that you can't easily find, these are the underlying reasons that are psychological or subconsciously motivating customers to show an attitude, take an action. there. Because this truth comes from psychology or is driven by the subconscious mind, maybe the customers themselves can not be clearly aware to say it ... until the brand of media, they say: This is exactly what I want!

Customer Insight is an "underground flow of ice".

Continuing with the example of the mini closet above, one of the things that deep inside motivates customers to buy a mini closet is that customers want their children to build self-discipline skills and actively organize personal items. a neat way in which to neatly arrange your clothes in the closet is a necessary lesson. A bright, small cupboard with lots of cute pictures and suitable for your child's height will help children enjoy and facilitate the process of doing this lesson. Instead of telling customers the cabinet's specifications and materials, "scratch their right itch"!

Through the above example, you must have a rough idea of ​​what Customer Insight is. Now, pay close attention to you will see more meaning in this concept (they will be analyzed in the sections below):

Customer Insight is the thoughts, desires, and issues hidden deep in the minds of customers that influence the decision to choose a product or service.

2. Why do businesses need to research Customer Insight?

Certainly when implementing marketing activities, your business will collect dozens of data and data. From there you evaluate them to find the generality or development trend of the ... results expressed in numbers. Everything is just superficial!

The depth of facts and data can help you dig deep into the minds of your customers, which contain the most secret. When you get to the bottom of your customers' minds, something your competitors haven't figured out yet, you're the first one to hold it and make it the key to making money. Competitive advantage belongs to you!

That is why many businesses spend large amounts of money dedicated to Customer Insight research on a large scale. Let Dove help you shed some light on the example below:

Dove has conducted research in 10 countries with 3200 women and obtained unexpected figures: only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful, most women describe themselves as "natural" (31%) or "Average" (26%). At the same time, 60% of women feel that society expects them to improve their attractiveness in terms of appearance, and 59% of women think that men appreciate their attractiveness in appearance. After studying the data gathered, Dove realized a tacit fact: “Women are their most severe critics of themselves, which leads to their failure to see the true beauty of themselves. self ”.

Since then, Dove launched the "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign that has created empathy for hundreds of millions of women around the world. Dove conveyed a very humanistic message to every woman: "You are much more beautiful than you think".

After only 1 month of launching the video clip "Real Beauty Sketches", it quickly gained 114 million views, 3.74 million shares. Let's take a look at how Dove exploited Customer Insight in the "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5JZDKtfaEQ (/ embed)

The data to research Customer Insight does not just come from Marketing Department. They are numbers, really useful information that can be collected by all parts of a business - contacts with current and potential customers.

Consulting room, customer service room, ... they are the people who talk everyday with customers. They hold a lot of feedback from customers to businesses

Each department has its own functions, but it works together to make the best operation of the business. Also, Customer Insight research will help you leverage the power of existing business-related data for customers. Linking more facts will help you find more accurate and insightful insights.

The Marketing War is no longer a solitary task marketing room like the traditional way before. Today, in order to understand customers, capture and hold their hearts towards the business, the departments must coordinate and share more information about customers!

3. Features of an "expensive" Customer Insight

The implicit truth about the customer is not only one, but there are many but want to choose a good Customer Insight, it must satisfy the following characteristics:

A. Customer Insight must be meaningful to the marketing objectives of the business.

It could be a direct target for sales, or more broadly than a brand target. Now, you and GOBRANDING let's come back to the definition of Customer Insight: Customer Insight is the thoughts, desires, and truths hidden deep in the minds of customers. affect the decision to choose a product or service.

Use Customer Insight to build a brand.

The implicit truth "affect the decision to choose a product or service ”is not just about finding explanations why customers buy products and services, but also the implicit facts that can be exploited to build. affection and loyalty to the brand, putting the brand into the "Top of mind" of the customer (Brand is first recognized in an area. For example, when mentioning detergent, which brand do you think first? This is the Top of mind.) Brand won the hearts of customers will affect the decision to choose a product or service.

In the example of Dove exploiting Customer Insight, "Women are their most severe critics," we cannot say that customers buy Dove shampoos or shower gels to "lessen themselves". The link here is Dove's business related to beauty products for women, this brand wants to show women that Dove loves the beauty and individuality of each woman, helping them change the way they look. negative about yourself. Since then captured the sympathy of current and potential customers, creating brand emotions in their hearts. Once they have loved the brand, they are more likely to buy from it!

Always think of the marketing goals of the business! Those customer insights that cannot create a link with your industry, cannot exploit with current resources (budgets and personnel) to serve Marketing goals in the present or in the future, cross out drop them.

B. Customer Insight can make a strong impression on customers.

A Customer Insight has the ability to create a competitive advantage when:

  • The implicit truth is completely new compared to the perception of customers. Thereby creating surprises, strong imprints go into the minds, emotions of customers as soon as they approach the message (conveyed in the product, in the way of display, in the way of advertising, ... )

  • An implicit truth, though not new, can still be exploited through a more novel way of transmission or a more "niche" perspective.

For example, Coca-Cola and Vinacafe are very successful in exploiting Customer Insight together. "Vietnamese people rarely show deep feelings to their loved ones." First, watch an "opening" video in the "Give Coca-Cola, Emotion" campaign.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2cTloQmxmk (/ embed)

If Coca-Cola chose to call on people to express their feelings to any object in the "people they love", Vinacafe chose a "niche" perspective: confess your love to your parents.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93YEum5KY8 (/ embed)

4. Some suggestions for finding Customer Insight

Customer Insight research is a laborious but valuable activity for businesses. So finding an "expensive" Customer Insight will be the key to improving your competitive advantage.

The first step in researching Customer Insight is that you must have "input data" by collecting information. Here are some GOBRANDING suggestions for you:

  • Gather all the existing data about the customers of the business, from the relevant departments (Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, ...): you can collect with data files that parts are available. Yes, conduct personnel surveys on their customer insights.

  • Search to the forums, groups where the majority of your customers participate in discussions. Read and find out their ideas, thoughts, feelings, issues related to the topics that you find it suitable for your business.

  • Conduct customer surveys on a scale that businesses are capable of doing. Commonly used methods are group discussions, personal surveys, in-depth interviews. Note: you have to make sure who your target audience is, not going to the park to "catch" who is surveying that person, are they your buying target?

After summarizing all the data and customer data you have, the next step is to analyze and explain the data to find out. these Thoughts, desires, issues are hidden deep in the minds of customers affect your decision to choose products and services.

Customer Insight researchers must be sensitive to information analysis.

Of course, analyzing and interpreting data requires researchers to be sensitive in understanding the depth of information, have a certain understanding of demographic characteristics, psychology, cultural characteristics of the group. Subjects to be studied.

And especially once you've done Customer Insight research, avoid the case of just making statements that have been "found" by the "previous people".

Therefore, for most small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam, they are facing limited financial capacity, human resources, time to find the correct Customer Insight, in addition to self-research. You might consider this last suggestion: collect Customer Insight have been explored from previous people. Then choose and find a way to convey it in a newer or more niche form!

5. Application of Customer Insight in Marketing activities

A lot of people when mentioning Customer Insight often say that it is applied in marketing activities: creating messages that "have a strong impression" on customers and putting messages into media campaigns. From the beginning of this article, you've come across some examples of applying Customer Insight to marketing such as campaigns of Dove, Coca-Cola, Vinacafe.

However, in reality, Customer Insight is also applied in product development. See example of milkshake below:

A fast food restaurant wanted to sell more milkshakes, but all of their changes on the product failed: the taste, the composition, the style of the glass and many other changes. But nothing drives sales up.

They realize that they do not fully understand their customers. By spending the entire day at the store meticulously taking notes and interviewing customers, they discovered a profound and unique Customer Insight:

“Customers face a long, boring ride and need something to keep their hands busy to make travel more enjoyable. They want to consume something to avoid hunger until noon. And they face restrictions: They are in a hurry, they are wearing work clothes and they have (at most) a free hand. ”

From that, The store made the morning milkshake there The glass case was tougher and bigger, enough to sustain the customer's long journey, and the milkshake sales skyrocketed.

6. Conclusion

Customer Insight, also known briefly as the implicit truth about customers. They have many underlying truths deep in their minds. And Marketer has the task of "unearthing" a really "expensive" Customer Insight to apply to marketing activities and product development, it will create business advantages for your business.

Exploiting Customer Insight with a profound message, what will you do next to promote value on the internet?

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