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As you all know, gunner is a very important position in Arena of valor. A match win or lose is decided up to 70% thanks to the gunner.

Therefore, if you want to win a match, your team will have to rely on the gunner a lot. So today I will introduce to you The 5 best gunner generals and worth buying to climb Rank 1 best season 12!

Top strongest gunner in the Union Mobile

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#first. Slimz - The tycoon rabbit

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This is a hot pick general at the present time. If not banned, will be picked immediately, thanks to the ability to carry extremely strong team in the late game.

Is a general capable of turning high in Arena of valor. Not only that Slimz possesses a hit based on his health so he is not afraid of champions with high health and tankers.

How to play: Road or forest location. If the road use speed modifier also go to the forest, then bring complementary punishment!

Counters: Slimz very weak early in the match, so focus on overriding right from the start. Restricted to Slimz big and finish the game before he is too strong.


  • The first phase of the game is always difficult with the road Slimz so try to hold the tower, hit low and limit aggression.
  • General Slimz is very afraid of the shocking generals Nakroth, Murad, Wukong ...

#2. Violet - Brave gunman

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Violet not as hot Slimz but the ability to carry the team is no less competitive, even equal.

With the enormous amount of damage caused by the flips, it can shock single target damage quickly is always a fear for all weak enemies.

Not only that Violet Not banned as much Slimz should be comfortable to use. Especially strong champion like that and has 13888 gold so owning this girl is not difficult. The advantage has a long range from skill 1 and the ability to plan cylinders on the edge of the pillar so there is an extremely annoying poke type.

How to play: Can use the road and the forest is okay. If the jungler carries punishment, go to the lane with extra speed.

Regularly pecks enemies and turrets' blood. At the beginning of the match, you need to hit the road, avoid aggression and always follow the assistant to be protected.

Counter: As Slimz Please override the road Violet from the beginning of the match. In the fighting phase, Assassins need to catch dead Violet, even change lives if necessary to limit this girl's power. Organize the fight to fight quickly, withdraw quickly to avoid the consequences of unfortunate consequences.

# 3. Fennik - Super fox

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Once a champion General treasure Fennik Has long asserted his strength. But until now that power was even more ostentatious.

And now it is the same Slimz auto ban when in Diamond Rank spill up. Thanks to the ability to surf the strong teamfight, the ability to see, operate alone and do not need protection Fennik very hot at the present time. Special ability to control big goals like Dragon, Evil God All very well.

How to play: Up Max chiêu 1, using complementary punishment, prioritizing jungle positions, early game eat monsters quickly move support teammates and control large targets thoroughly.

Counter: Limit fighting long term with Fennik, Should not directly confront unless you are an assassin or have the ability to shock deadly damage Fennik for a moment. Organization hit quickly shortened, assassin priority catch caught Fennik in fights to limit annoyance.

# 4. Hayate - Ninja evil

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Ever since debut, Hayate has caused terrible attraction to gamers thanks to its badass. Since then, though, has reduced a bit of strength to balance with the other generals but Hayate Still very strong.

Thanks to its high mobility, it is possible to protect itself under certain circumstances. Not only that, the passive damage causes everyone to meet Hayate are all terrified. Especially not picky and can go all places beyond support.

How to play: Increase max 1 skill, use the equipment to hit and crit. Actively fly a kite and use your ultimate properly. The priority position is the road Dragon in the role Archer or go solo road Evil god.

Counter: Use champions with high mobility like Nakroth, Arri or Zuka to catch death Hayate. Use high and quick shock damage generals to not give Hayate gaming.

# 5. Moren - Mechanical Master

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Known for his high stamina, no champion can die Moren when intrinsic should be played a lot because it is easy to play.

Especially capable of flying uncomfortable kites thanks to running speed and ability to suck blood from skill 1. At the end of the match, when there are enough equipment, the ability to carry the team of Moren maybe more Slimz and Violet.

How to play: Raise max 1 move, hit kite flying, immaculate. Priority position for jungling with punishment modifier or dragon lane with speed bonus modifier. Hold the farm early in the game, keeping the intrinsic level stable and waiting for the opportunity to attack the enemy.

Counter: Use the strong generals at the beginning of the match and organize the lanes of the road Moren to make Moren slow-growing. Try to win before Moren have full set of equipment. Plunge into shock damage when Moren not fully integrated internally.

## Epilogue

So I have introduced to you 5 The most powerful gunner, the most worth buying in Lien Lien Mobile to climb Rank effectively already.

Hope you guys climb the rank really well and have moments of relaxation with Lien Lien Mobile and these generals!

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