Top 5 best selling and professional SEO WordPress themes in 2019




You are looking for Sales WordPress theme How to make a website to sell products on the internet? So do you know the best sales theme today? Which sales theme should be SEO standard and most professional? Keep reading this article to better understand offline.

If you've learned the web-making series with your WordPress, then making your own web to sell is simple. However, to make a sales web, the first thing to do is to choose a sales theme SEO standards, fast and professional loading.


If you choose the right theme from the outset, then you will have to spend a lot of time to optimize otherwise your sales web will load slowly, not SEO standards, it is difficult to top Google or simply run ads. cannot sell goods, etc.

So how to choose a standard SEO theme, the theme loads quickly and is suitable for the product you are selling? WordPress theme sales Which is the best in 2019? That will be the main content that I will answer for you in this article.


The criteria for choosing a WordPress theme for sale

Currently, to make sales websites with WordPress, most themes are developed around the Woocommerce plugin. Therefore, when choosing a sales WordPress theme, you should pay attention to the item that supports Woocommerce.

In addition, there will be the following points to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress sales theme. I will call it the criteria needed to choose a standard sales theme.

Determine the layout of the sales web interface

Normally, most people when choosing a web interface will choose the interface so beautiful and eye-catching. But most amateurs will not understand that such interfaces will often be very heavy and make the web load slowly.

So when looking for sales web interface, you should choose the right interface for the products are selling. Imagine in your head and refer to other websites of the same industry to see how they are organized. For example:

  • Fashion sales website: Simple interface, eye-catching and a little colorful.
  • Web selling electronics: Interface with a clear, square layout is a bit okay.
  • E-commerce web: The interface has many functions, clearly dividing commodity groups.

The necessary functions

Choose the sales web interface, the interface is part. In addition, you need to pay more attention to the functionality of the web. Does your web site need to register? Does the Web need product comparison functionality or product size and color selection features?

You need to clearly identify the features you need when building a sales page to avoid missing out on functionality or having redundant functions that weigh on the web. Although, with the WordPress web, you can add more features by installing the plugin.


Many of you when choosing to buy WordPress sales themes often have interfaces that have many "enticing" effects, which lead to buying very heavy themes. But after a period of use, realize that these effects do not bring customers. Even the main thing that also loses customers by long page load time customers will leave.

So, the advice is to choose the interface with the necessary functions, simple effects, not too complicated layout for customers to easily capture the information you sell.

Fast loading speed

The loading speed of the web will depend on many factors such as hosting, network connection. In addition, the theme is also a major factor affecting page load speed. So when choosing a sales WordPress theme, you also need to pay attention to the page loading speed.


The faster the web loads, the more the increase in orders will be (79% of customers do not buy again if the web load is slow). In addition, fast web load, the chances of being on the top of Google will also be higher. Because, from July 2018, Google has included load speed criteria into mobile search rankings.

Standard SEO theme

The SEO standard WordPress sales theme is not only a simple theme, it has a fast loading speed, but it also has to have a standard SEO HTML structure according to search engine standards.

You need to check out the structure on the home page, product page, product catalog, and news site as well. Check that the title, description allocation is appropriate. This you can go to Google to search for SEO web standard instructions like.

Responsive support interface

This year is already 2019, so responsive web support is something that almost every website needs (except those that use their own mobile interface).

Responsive support interface means the web has the ability to change the display layout according to different screen sizes. This means your web is mobile friendly.

With the trend Online users using mobile devices are on the rise then mobile friendliness will help the web have a higher mobile SEO score.

Currently, most themes support responsive, but I still remind you to pay attention to this issue before choosing.

Themes need to be regularly updated

Nothing is born perfect. The same goes for the theme, with each update will be a patch or improvement, adding better features. Therefore, a regularly updated theme will be the theme that is worth choosing.

In addition, with the constant updating of WordPress source code, the plugins will need to be updated in order to be compatible with the new version of WordPress. This will optimize the source code, enhance security, so the regularly updated theme will help your web to be safer and more optimal.

Top 5 WordPress themes selling beautiful and standard SEO

Honestly, if you have made a sales web, you need to invest to be of good quality. So, you will need to spend 1 cost to buy the copyright theme. If you want to find a free sales professional theme, standard SEO + fast loading, it does not exist.

In this article, I will summarize the best selling WordPress themes and they are all paid themes. If you want to find free themes, this article is not for you already.

Theme Flatsome - Theme WordPress sales # 1 today

First, it must be affirmed that this is the # 1 best selling WordPress theme by the official statistics from the supplier so far. 109,107 purchases.

Not to mention the amount of web sales that use this theme from resale sources without having to buy directly.


It is no coincidence that the Flatsome theme has such a large number of purchases. Many people choose the Flatsome theme because of its variety of customization possibilities. You can create websites that sell fashion, electronics, moms and babies or just sell food.

In addition, the Flatsome theme also has very fast loading speed, standard SEO structure and very good mobile support.

I like the theme of this theme is the ability to customize with the support of UX Builder. Unlike other common themes that use Visual Composer - very heavy, slow to load if not optimal.

With UX Builder, you can drag and drop to customize the look, create extremely professional sales landing pages even if you don't know the code.

Highlights of the Flatsome theme

  • Build custom pages to your liking with Live Page Builder
  • Unlimited customization with the Live Theme Option Panel
  • Build headers easily with Drag & Drop Header Builder
  • With 300+ layouts & sections included in UX Builder, you can build a variety of content
  • Optimize speed on Desktop and Mobile with high Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score
  • 19+ demo templates for quick installation with 1 click
  • Be regularly updated
  • ………………

In terms of limitations, the current compared to other themes I do not give the drawback because it is more prominent than the competition. If you have any restrictions later, I will update later or if you are using it, you can see what it has restrictions to share in the comment box.

Direct selling price: $ 59 on Themeforest

Theme Porto - Theme sales suitable for many areas

Before the strong rise of the Flatsome theme, the Porto theme used to be a popular theme. Because its customization is very high.


Like the Flatsome theme, the Porto theme has a standard SEO structure, loading speed is also very good. However, this theme was defeated by the Flatsome theme, probably because the Visual Composer plugin could not be equal to UX Builder.

For me, the Visual Composer plugin supports customization almost the best today, but it also costs a lot of hosting resources. So I chose the Flatsome theme instead of still using the Porto theme.

Highlights of the Porto theme

  • Build headers easily with Drag & Drop Header Builder
  • Layout on Desktop and mobile is very diverse
  • Inherited the features of Visual Composer
  • Featuring Mega menu, Custom block
  • Detailed user guide
  • 100+ demo templates for almost every category
  • Support for regular updates
  • ………… ..

Direct selling price: $ 59 from Themeforest

Theme WoodMart - Beautiful, modern WordPress theme

Similar to the above 2 themes, WoodMart theme with outstanding features helps it to rank 3rd. This is also a long-standing but improved theme with regular updates.


In addition to the advantages such as standard SEO structure, optimal speed and interface compatible with all devices, the WoodMart theme also has the following highlights.

  • Easy header building Visual Drag & Drop Header Builder
  • Supports full Ajax filters to help filter products quickly
  • Support Ajax full screen search
  • Support mega menu with customizable content
  • 60+ sample demos & layouts
  • Regularly updated
  • …………………

Direct purchase price: $ 59 on Themeforest

MyThemeShop eCommerce theme - Simple, fast loading

When it comes to the theme of MyThemeShop (suggestion: evaluate MyThemeShop), you will think of light theme, fast loading and SEO standard. MyThemeShop is a famous theme provider, so the themes of MyThemeShop are very good.


The question of whether you choose it or not depends only on the interface that suits your taste. Because myThemeShop's eCommerce theme does not have many easy customization for non-professionals.

With MyThemeShop's eCommerce theme, you buy the demo installation and make a little modification to your liking and use it, this is a theme worth using. If you want to customize, you will need to know a little bit about CSS, HTML It will be beautiful.

If you are looking to make a simple online shop, you can consider choosing this eCommerce theme of MyThemeShop.

Direct purchase price: $ 35 / domain name, $ 59/3 domain name, $ 77 unlimited domain name.

Offer: MyThemeShop Coupon $ 10 more discount for themes, plugins

Theme Electro by MadrasThemes - Professional electronics sales theme

Many of you are in need of opening an online shop to sell electronics products such as web electronics, computers, electronic components or phone accessories, ... so this last theme I would recommend is the Electro theme of MadrasThemes.


Theme Electro by MadrasThemes is similar to themes like Flatsome, Port like fast, nice and standard SEO. But the difference here is that the Electro by MadrasThemes theme does not have too many customization as the above themes that it was born primarily to serve the needs of making electronic sales web in accordance with its name.

Or even better, in early 2019, the Electro by MadrasThemes theme also incorporates compatibility with Elementor Page Builder to help support creating extremely professional landing pages.

Some highlights of the theme Electro by MadrasThemes

  • 11 demo templates to help you quickly set up the web with 1 click
  • 6 header styles to help create the desired header
  • 9 color scheme to quickly change the main color of the web
  • 5 homepage templates to help you quickly set up your homepage
  • Mobile-friendly web layout
  • Multi Vendor support helps manage many different vendors
  • ……… ..

Direct purchase price: $ 59 on Themeforest


So, this article I have shared with you how to choose Sales WordPress theme how to best fit. Also introduce you to 5 sales themes worth using at the moment.

Talk about WordPress sales theme the market for free and paid themes is plentiful. However, through my experience and community reviews, the above themes are worth the money to own.

Which theme are you currently using? If you have any comments, please leave your comments in the comment box below to let me know. In addition, you are intending to buy a theme and need to consult anything, please comment below to share and discuss.