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Hello everyone, last time we got to know part 2 of the Series Top 20 Offline games are great for weak configuration.

And to continue this series, in today's article, I will continue to share with you the third part of this Series, and see if there are interesting games that only require low-profile PCs. .

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Tips: To download the game, you just need to Google and search with keywords Download the game + the name you want to download the game is the whole basket 😀

# 11. Mortal Combat (Black Dragon)

Mortal Combat is also known as the name Black Dragon is one of the games that once "dominated" the Vietnamese net shop of the 9x generation.

In the game, you can choose a character to fight with the machine, or two people fight with each other or play increasing difficulty to practice.

game-offline-for-the-picture-request-part-3 (1)

Mortal Combat is a fighting game genre of martial arts extremely attractive by unique GamePlay mechanism, and somewhat extremely violent with scenes of "bloody heads"

Despite the violence, if you are a fan of the fighting game series, ignoring Mortal Combat will be a huge omission.

#twelfth. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

First launched in 2013, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is one of the first-person shooter games loved by many gamers.

game-offline-for-the-picture-request-part-3 (2)

In the game, you will play the role of Captain Cole Anderson, a former soldier of the Delta Force, who has now become a private security advisor and is released into the past as the Bosnian War in 1993 when he was performing. top secret mission.

Besides the fascinating storyline, the game also gives you a great graphics background with battle modes depending on your preferences.

If you are a fan of brainstorming, but the chase is intense, then Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will be a great experience for you.

# 13. Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved is the first version of the legendary Halo series Halo first launched in 2001 and the PC version released in 2003.

According to many reputable game magazines around the world, Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the monuments of the FPS game series.

game-offline-for-the-picture-request-part-3 (3)

You will play Master Chief, a super soldier belonging to Spartan forces fighting against the alien creatures Covenant in order not to let them control Halo.

In the game, the character the player controls will have a health bar and an energy shield, in addition, you can pick up items to help stealth or increase the shield of the energy shield for a period of time. certain time.

In addition, you can only carry two weapons with a certain number of bullets, each weapon has a different feature and requires the player to use them in the most reasonable way.

With attractive storyline and unique and diverse gameplay, surely Halo: Combat Evolved will make you "addicted".

# 14. Devil May Cry 3

Speaking of the tight-action action genre, most gamers will probably immediately mention the Devil May Cry Series, and perhaps the third part of this cult series is the version that has left a lot of impressions in the hearts of gamers. Best.

game-offline-for-the-picture-request-part-3 (4)

After a mess of content from part 2, Devil May Cry 3 built a more detailed storyline, going into the interior as well as pointing to many other character lines perfectly.

In addition to the fascinating plot, the gameplay of Devil May Cry 3 is also very hands-on because of the variety of weapons, along with dozens of combos with eye-catching effects for you to use to fight for floods. demon "crying".

# 15. Neverending Nightmares

First released in 2014, Neverending Nightmares is a title The game is in the horror genre developed by Infinitap Games and critically acclaimed.

In the game, you will play Thomas Smith, a person suffering from serious neurosis. Every time he fell asleep, hundreds of horrible things kept appearing like hideous monsters, bloody ghosts all over his body or even corpses piled up ...

But the scariest thing is that these scary dreams don't end and leave you wondering whether this is real or another nightmare.

game-offline-for-gaming-for-love-with-part-3 (5)

Neverending Nightmares is unlike other traditional horror games like the collection of items, weapons, or tournaments, but instead you have to search every corner of the villa, then faint and wake up consecutively after a while exploring.

And every time you find a message or an important item, you find yourself appearing on a bed in another place like in a bedroom or even ... a prison.

Neverending Nightmares is so scary that it is like a "mental torture tool" and even makes me feel cold when I first experience it.

So, for those who are weak heart, I recommend to stay away or at least have to gather many hard to join this horror masterpiece.


So this is the 3rd installment in the Series Top 20 very good Offine games for weak configurations will end here and I'll try to finish the next part as quickly as possible.

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