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Standard damage is the damage that ignores an opponent's armor, it directly subtracts from the blood of the damage. The true damage generals in the mobile coalition are very scary because of this feature.

Today I will list the champions with standard damage in the coalition. Keep this list, train them, it is very likely that you will carry the team in those important matches.

So which champions are the standard champions, let's find out right away!

#first. General Hayate

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Hayate deals dreadful standard damage in Mobile Alliance!

Hayate ninja evil dragon is a gunner capable of dealing standard damage almost the most powerful coalition.

Passive when hitting an enemy or monster 6 times, Hayate will deal bonus true damage regardless of skill or basic attack for the next 4 seconds.

#2. Trieu Van

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Zhao still deals standard damage Chiêu cuối.

Zhao Yun is a gladiator, jungle killer known for his ability to deal standard damage with his ultimate.

Specific ultimatum Long kích will deal true damage and knock up, briefly stunning the target. Zhao Yun then deals bonus true damage when basic attacks, the effect lasts 5 seconds.

# 3. General Omen

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Omen's passive deals true damage when fully charged.

Omen deals standard damage by basic attacks. When Omen's rage is red, he will deal more true damage, the effect lasts 5 seconds. Usually you hit the monster 5 times Omen will deal standard damage.

# 4. General Thane

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Thane's ultimate deals standard damage.

Thane is a tank-blocker, tough tank in mobile coalition. This champion can deal true damage with Excalibur's ultimate.

# 5. General Maloch

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Upon entering the demon king state Maloch deals standard damage and heals

Maloch is a gladiator, taking damage that deals very scary standard damage. When launching a Demon Sword with an enemy champion, Maloch will enter Maou state for 6 seconds.

During this time Maloch's skills and attacks will deal true damage and heal him.

# 6. Arduin

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Arduin's three basic attacks after use Chiêu 2.

Zhao 2 Hồn giáp Arduin's ability after activating gives him the ability to deal true damage. However, only 3 normal attacks after activating this attack deal true damage.

# 7. Gen. Astrid

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Astrid's ultimate will deal true damage if the enemy has less health than her.

Astrid is also a general that deals standard damage in the mobile coalition. Chiêu cuối (Cu sword) will deal true damage if the enemy has less health than her.

Note that she only deals true damage when the enemy has less health. Many players do not notice that using the ultimate is standard damage.

#8. Wonder Woman

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Every 3rd attack Woman Woman deals standard damage.

Woman Woman is a general in the coalition that deals true damage equal to her passive. Every 3rd attack she launches a shield that deals bonus true damage and heals if she hits an enemy.

# 9. General Max

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Max's passive deals bonus damage and reduces HP regen.

Max is an extremely annoying gladiator because this small guy both deals standard damage, while reducing the healing of the opponent.

Any Max attack or skill deals bonus true damage over a 3-second period. This means that if you fight with Max you will take a bit of standard damage and reduce healing.

#ten. General Richter

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Richter deals standard damage with ultimate.

Richter's ultimate and kill the demons deal standard damage and slow the enemy every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds.

If an enemy hits 5 consecutive waves this will take a huge amount of standard damage again. In addition to being silenced for 1 second, unable to use additional skills and spells.

# 11. General Florentino

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Florentino's second move deals standard damage.

Florentino is a champion that can deal 4% of the enemy's maximum health each time he uses it Chiêu 2 on target.

Combined with picking flowers from chiêu 1 Florentino will deal a lot of damage from the second skill because it constantly regenerates each time it picks up flowers. This is also a terrifying solo road champion in the mobile coalition.

#twelfth. General Veres

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Veres's ultimate deals terrifying true damage.

Veres' ultimate moves to the target location and deals massive amount of true damage to enemies. Accompanied by a dozen indicators are buf as physical physics, armor penetration, attack speed, ...

# 13. Gen. Aleister

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Every 3 times the skill hits Aleister dealing true damage.

Aleister is a magician general in the coalition who can deal standard damage when he hits an enemy 3 times. This is the most hated control magician.

Even used by Toro chiêu cuối but still be chopped, there is no assassin or general escaped from the champion's ultimate.

# 14. General Lauriel

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Lauriel's passive deals true damage and heals.

Lauriel used to storm the Mid Street for a while thanks to her ability to deal true damage, slow control and heal.

Especially when the total combat this girl glided all over the face. Passive causes Lauriel to deal true damage every 4 times. Lauriel's skills will carve this mark. Especially chiêu 2 will launch 3 attacks (engraved 3 marks).

# 15. General Ignis

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Chiêu cuối Ignis deals true damage while the enemy is being marked.

The list of champions that deal true damage in our last coalition today is Ignis - The old man blew fire.

Each time Ignis the Elder uses the technique, Ignis will imprint the mark on the enemy. If the enemy is being imprinted and hits the ultimate, he takes an extra massive amount of true damage.

# 16. A few champions deal other standard damage

Besides the generals that I have mentioned above, it is in the Coalition General Slim dealing true damage when electrostatic strikes a monster, Omega dealing standard damage to turrets. However, I did not mention above because they do not deal standard damage to champions.

In the future, there will be many new generals. I firmly believe that one of these champions will deal true damage to the champion. Please look forward to it!

So I helped you to roll up the champions that deal standard damage in the mobile coalition. Hopefully this information will interest you or help you play the game better. Thank you for reading all your posts. Finally wish you happy gaming.

Hello and see you in the upcoming posts!

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