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If you are a gamer and you often use VPN services to be able to play foreign games, then maybe you will understand one thing is to use paid VPN services to be able to play. .

And free services are very difficult, if you do not want to say can not be played. And if you've learned how to pay for a VPN, you've probably heard or heard of ProtonVPN service.

I have tried ProtonVPN free version and it gives quite high and stable connection speed. And in this article I will share for you Registration procedure to use ProtonVPN Premium is completely free Please !

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How to register and use ProtonVPN Premium for free with high speed

If you do not know, ProtonVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service owned by Proton Technologies AG.

ProtonVPN owns a private network with more than 560 Servers in 42 different countries, and in order to freely use all ProtonVPN Servers, you must use the Premium version (paid version). But of course I will guide you in detail for getting this version completely free already 😀

As I just said, with the Premium service, you will get superior features compared to the free version such as: Use the entire existing ProtonVPN Server, Peer-to-peer server system, secure connection password, ... You can use this email account to log in on any device to use.


+ Step 1: To start doing, visit this site => And create yourself a completely new email for free.

Protonmail is also an email service of the above company, which you can use to send and receive normal mail. You fill out the information and click Sign-up. The registration process is very easy, so I will not guide you in detail.

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+ Step 2: Next you go to the Download page of ProtonVPN here => and download the appropriate new version of your computer (Windows / Mac / Android / iOS).

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+ Step 3: For other operating systems, you have to install it yourself, but with Windows, you only need to open the file *.exe just downloaded => and then go ahead Next The installation is ongoing.

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+ Step 4: Once installed, open the application and log in with the Protonmail account and password created at the beginning of the article.

If you enter it correctly, you will log in successfully and the message is "You receive 7 days of free Premium service as a welcome gift from the publisher", on the Mobile application when you log in is similar.

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Tips: To be able to continue using Premium after the 7-day trial has expired, the first step is to remove the software and completely delete its data.

Next, re-register a new Protonmail email account - very simply and quickly - then reinstall the ProtonVPN app and log in with this new email.

Here's how you can use ProtonVPN Premium for free: D. As for the user guide, that's for sure, very easy to use: 3

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Hope this tip will help you in your work Use ProtonVPN Premium for free and safe. Although it takes a bit of time but it is safe, you will not face the potential risks when using other jailbreaks.

Of course, if you have some conditions, then you should spend money to buy the Premium version for comfort! Good luck !

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