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Worries are an essential part of your life. In fact, they are not as scary as you think, but if you can not get rid of invisible fears, that will make you miss a lot of opportunities to develop yourself.

Therefore, mastering the feeling of fear is really necessary for anyone. Let this article partly answer the concerns still in your mind!

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I. How does fear affect you?

From a scientific point of view, fear is a natural mechanism of the human being that gives you the ability to recognize dangers and to find ways to avoid them.

But the subconscious fears are often more complex. They tend to make you cower with a hazard, sometimes it seems harmless.

Fear generally has a negative effect on people's psychology, they suppress the development of each person's capacity, because surely you will not do anything that you think they contribute a powerful impact. , sparking unseen fears within you.

However, fear is, in a sense, a testament to your overall health. The heart beats faster than usual, more sweat is released, ... that's how the body fights and soothes outrageous fears.

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Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you are scared is to think that the expression is nothing to worry about, it is just your body doing its task.

II. The method to control fear

We all have our own problems. So the reason for the fears is also often very different.

However, I will share the 3 most effective methods that I usually use, to initially calm down whenever I feel the anxiety flooding my heart. Find out with me!

#first. Tinh Tam

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As I mentioned above, fear is just a testament to the gradual adaptation of your body.

Therefore, the first method to deal with them is relaxation. Close your eyes and don't think of anything. The more you focus in the moments of anxiety, the more you will be in a state of deadlock and panic.

After a while, when your mind is completely free, put all the problems together.

Do not ignore the signs, because they are the language of the universe that you will have to spend your life learning to listen.

Certainly more or less, moments of calmness will help you dispel your initial fears, and in particular will minimize the mistakes that you are likely to make when acting in a dominant way. of fear.

#2. Do what you love

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As with relaxation, put aside your problems for the moment, and do the things you enjoy every day.

Every time I'm scared of something, I often reassure my heart by whispering a tune, or simply playing a piece of music. Can confirm that they have a very positive effect to make your mind more relaxed and calm.

You can choose to cook, draw, listen to music, ... or do whatever you love. Focusing on these things, first of all, will help you have a strong mentality to handle the problems that initially frightened you!

# 3. Facing your own fears


The above two methods are just temporary solutions to help you in the first steps. And in the long run, the best way to make you strong, fight off the fear residing in the soul is confronting them.

Everyday try to do at least one thing you were afraid of before. If you are afraid of crowds, be sure to register for a seminar.

If you are afraid of communicating with people around you, make a big smile and actively ask your colleagues every morning.

Learning to be friends with your fears, you will not worry each day passing so tasteless. Not only that, through a process of challenging yourself, certain fears and worries will vanish in a way you did not expect. So please actively "meet" your fears daily!

III. Epilogue

Hopefully through this article we will be stronger together. Wishing you success in conquering your own fears. Please visit the blog regularly for updates on new things from us!

Have fun:)

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