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A "safe area", or comfort zone, is where everything you do is within your power. Staying in a safe area, you will feel comfortable, comfortable and stress free.

However, if you do not dare step out of your comfort zone, you will not be able to optimize and develop your potential, and achieve things beyond your current capabilities. So why do so many people choose a safe area, how to get out of it?

I. Reasons to keep you in a safe place

#first. Biological mechanisms

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Everyone of us has a preference mechanism for choosing things that are easy over things that are difficult. This mechanism helps us humans to survive today, it exists in each of us, helping us to be safe and to avoid dangers.

Therefore, the fact that we choose to do things outside the comfort zone is against our own instincts. This can take a lot of effort, moreover you must always be persistent and energetic.

It is best to find a goal to guide you and then set smaller goals. Then, always remind yourself to accomplish the goal.

#2. Lack of motivation

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The safety zone is not good, but if you are in a safe area, you will not feel bad about yourself, not be reprimanded and keep up with the progress of the work, then you will hardly realize you are in safe zone, there's no motivation beyond it.

However, your potential will not be fully utilized. This makes you not achieve what you deserve, and your ability to rise is greatly reduced. Stop thinking about your accomplishments and contemplate whether you've lived or worked to your full potential.

# 3. Fears

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Not only stress, pressure, difficulties but outside the safety zone sometimes gives you fears. May be afraid of failure, fear of mistakes, fear of being laughed at, etc. and so on.

However, you can completely overcome them, do not let your fears stop you. Moreover, when you overcome these fears, you will become more mature and more confident for your next journey.

II. Things that can carry you out of your comfort zone

#first. The failures

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Failures can motivate you to wake up from your comfort zone. At that time, let emotions lead, set goals and plans to cultivate yourself more developed.

Find out the causes of your failures and take steps to overcome them step by step. Don't blame yourself, don't be too negative, nor do you suffer. Do not force yourself to work too hard as a punishment, as it will not work as you think.

Stay calm, plan and practice to improve day by day. Stick to your goals!

#2. The kick

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There are times when you feel bad because your abilities are not as good as you expected. This feeling appears to show you where your true ability is.

Take advantage of that moment to find out what you are missing, visualize what you are expecting and plan your implementation.

Then give yourself a proper push, do something beyond your usual ability. The goal of this is to confirm that you can do better now, to motivate and strengthen your trust.

But you should not force yourself too much, do not do things far beyond your ability, then fail, you will be more depressed and not achieve all that the kick can bring.

# 3. Boredom

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You feel that some of the things you do are entirely within your power, and it's time to challenge yourself to new and harder things.

Optimize your abilities by setting higher and harder goals and try to implement them well. Your competencies will get better and better and better in the field you pursue.

May you go beyond your comfort zone, optimize your potential, and live the life you deserve most.

Hope the article will motivate you well, wish you happy and successful!

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