Should You Use The WordPress WPBakery Page Builder Review Plugin?


Should You Use The WordPress WPBakery Page Builder Review Plugin? - You don't need to know any web design principles and coding languages ​​to create a great looking website and functionality using the page builder. They are for creative individuals who are not technically gifted.

Page builder for people who are not familiar with CSS, HTML or other popular coding languages ​​and tools. That doesn't mean coding experts shouldn't use them. But they are leaning towards those who lack advanced skills, allowing them to build their own websites.

WPBakery (formerly known as Visual Composer) is one of the best and most popular page builders. This is the best selling WordPress site building plugin on CodeCanyon. It has been used to create over 1,000,000 websites and this number is increasing as you read it.

In this article, we will introduce you to the WPBakery plugin and its many features. By the end, you will understand why it is one of the best WordPress site builders out there.


As noted, WPBakery is a WP page builder plugin. It should work with any WordPress theme and you should have no problems installing it like any other plugin.

Do you need it?

It is not a must-install plugin, but it offers a lot of things that can help you. You can build websites in the integrated, default WordPress editor. It is suitable for the most basic blogs, with a few pictures. But with any larger level customization / organization such as placing content in rows and columns, creating animated buttons, or placing charts, graphs, and maps in the middle of your page, it will be far out of reach. Regular WP editor.

So if you want to do all of this yourself, without having to pay a developer to do it for you, you'll need a page builder. And you will hardly find a better option than WPBakery. Its drag-and-drop style will allow even newcomers to technology can create some visually appealing and visually appealing websites.

How it works?

TLDR, you just need to drag and drop.


The first thing you'll notice when you start adding or editing a page in WPBakery are two buttons - backend editor and interface. You should build your web pages in that order; First, do everything you can in the backend editor and after it's done, make the necessary adjustments in the frontend editor.

When you open the backend editor, there are two main options to choose from. One is to add content, some elements or text and one is to Choose a predefined layout.

There are six predefined layouts in WPBakery. These are Landing Page, Call to Action, Feature List, Description, Services and Products. When you click the Add Element Button, about 50 different elements will appear. They are divided into four categories: Social gadgets, Structure, Content and WordPress. You can add Google Maps, YouTube videos, charts (circles), WP calendars, Facebook like buttons, Pinterest buttons, pages, etc.

If you want to edit the size of borders, margins, etc. all can be done in the design options tab. When you select the required component, you can add it with one of the default animations or edit the animation using CSS. Everything you do in the backend editor is done through a system of rows and columns.

Another great thing about WPBakery is that it allows you to save all your changes as a template. That will make planning and similar search pages much easier.

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The frontend editor is something else that really makes WPBakery stand out from other page builder plugins. It will allow you to customize in real time without having to refresh the draft of the page you are building.

With the frontend editor, the preview page option is history. You will see the content you are making and the changes you make on the page are exactly the same as your site visitors see them. That will save you unnecessary time and hassle.

There is an interesting option that allows you to preview what your page looks like without the WPBakery editing options displayed, giving you insight into the final product. In addition, you will be able to preview your page with five different screen sizes and you will know exactly what it looks like on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is very important because today most of the browsing is done via our mobile devices.

Important note: choosing a frontend or backend editor is not permanent. You can switch back at any time.

It is great to know that WPBakery is very flexible. You can choose exactly how it appears on different mobile devices. It allows you to fine-tune the way you want your content to appear on mobile screens.

WPBakery has another interesting option called The skin builder. This great tool allows you to make some major changes to your website. You can set color samples, adjust it for mobile screen width, grid distance, etc. All settings that you apply in this interface builder are stored in static CSS files.plugin-wordpress-wpbakery-page-builder-review

If you are concerned that adding too many features will slow down your website, you need to eliminate this thought. WPBakery will only download files if they are about to be used by a particular element. This will not only save bandwidth but also ensure your pages load faster, thus improving your site's SEO ranking.

Advanced features


Although content builders are for beginners, WPBakery has some ideal features for more advanced developers. One of them is the Visual Query Builder. If you know what you are doing, building custom queries will be relatively easy. Another WPBakery feature for advanced users is to set selective access in your WordPress site.

Additionally, developers will appreciate the ability to sell custom shortcodes and integrate them in their own commercial WordPress themes. You can sell all of this in topic markets like ThemeForest or MojoMarketplace. This is one of the main factors that make WPBakery famous.

WPBakery supports add-ons. There are over 200 add-ons available and you will probably find one that suits your needs. Specifically, we will mention Easy Form for WPBakery - a useful add-on that allows you to create and manage forms quickly. In addition, there is the Easy Table utility, which allows you to create tables with drag and drop interface.


WPBakery has great support, which is expected as this is one of the most popular page builders out there. The creators of this great plugin have done their job well, giving you lots of great tutorials. In addition, you will receive an automatic update. Support is provided by a ticket system, but before using it, you will be required to verify your license. It is a necessity. It will prevent illegal users from receiving the same treatment as those who actually get WPBakery legally.


WPBakery has been around for a while. But since it is still one of the best-selling plugins available, you should rest assured that it will still be updated regularly and with special support for many years to come.

The official website is excellent and widely documented. There are some more advanced posts for developers who want to make further customization.

It is great to know that once you have purchased the plugin, you can enjoy it indefinitely because there is no annual renewal fee.

WPBakery Page Builder Pros and cons


  • Suitable for beginners - no coding required to build great website

  • Edit front-end and back-end

  • Good selection of modules

  • Intuitive and responsive sample system

  • Good developer options and advanced features for additional functionality

  • Good support


  • Shortcodes based - uninstalling the plugin will make the content created with it stop working

  • No separate input / output functions

  • Adding third party gadgets is hard

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WPBakery is one of the best selling WordPress plugins available. It has all the tools needed to create a great website and use the functions with ease, primarily by drag and drop. The interface is extremely simple to use, and the elements look great. In particular, the main feature that separates WPBakery from most other page builders is the editing of both the front and back of the site. This will give you complete control over everything on the web.

WPBakery is the best option for creating complex websites without knowing how to code. However, you still have to learn how to use it, but the process is quick. Within 20 minutes, you will understand and start creating beautiful websites through this intuitive tool.

The number of custom WPBakery allowed is very large. It will provide some advanced tools even for developers who will be able to create their own add-ons, plugins and even sell them. WPBakery is compatible with any WordPress theme. And you only need to buy it once to get it for life.

Overall, WPBakery is a great tool and it deserves its place among the best-selling WordPress plugins available today.