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Yes, I mean, if I like playing games and beating phones, I should choose a phone somehow 😀

There must be a lot of friends here who like playing games, or even plowing and hoeing Mobile games. Especially in the time after this exam, there will be many students, students participating in those online games.

And of course when playing games will make us a lot of emotions, joy, sadness, excitement, inhibition also. The fun is okay, your device will be safe and sound. As for losing, inhibiting, many of you have no control over emotions => causing the phenomenon of beating @@

So if you are a game lover and prefer to break the machine, how should you choose the devices to make the repair easy and cost the least?

Please join me to find out right in this article offline nhé

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#first. Select the device according to the component price

There are a lot of components attached to the machine, and when you play games and smash the machine, the most vulnerable and needing repair parts will be the glass, screen and battery. So how to choose?

First, in terms of glass: Playing games should avoid devices with curved glass designs overflowing, because it is easy to get mistaken when playing. The price of this glass is not cheap.

Next, the edge of the screen should also be thick enough to give the best grip. The glass that should also be chosen is Gorilla Glass, instead of conventional ones.

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About the screen: There are many types of monitors on the market, and the most common types can be mentioned are IPS LCD, AMOLED, Super AMOLED and OLED.

Depending on the screen technology and resolution, the price of the replacement screen will vary. However, to be cheap, you should use IPS LCD screen to play games.

About Pin: Avoid using your iPhone to plow games, if you don't want to have to replace your battery soon. The battery on an iPhone is often very fast, due to the capacity and time used to play games much smaller than Android devices. Also, do not charge while playing, or let the battery overheat, burst the device.

There are only a few iPhone models that are highly rated for PIN when playing games: iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 11 Series.

#2. Choose by popularity

The popularity of the device will determine whether your device is easy or difficult to find.

For example, you use iPhone or Samsung, the components are always available, and there are also fake products made in China so the selection and repair is very easy.

However, with less popular devices like Nubia Red Magic, Google Pixel, Oneplus…. Components need to be portable to Vietnam, so it is very difficult to find and also very expensive.

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# 3. Choose a new device

The machines you buy, whether expensive or cheap, will eventually drop in price. There are dizzying devices like the Samsung Galaxy S series, but there are also very expensive machines like the iPhone.

However, when a new component is manufactured, it will not drop in price at all, or it will drop significantly. We have a ratio of component / machine prices. The lower this ratio is, the better.

Let me show you guys. Samsung Galaxy S9 has a screen replacement cost of about VND 4.5 million. Compared to when it was launched was 20 million, we have the ratio of 9/40. The current price in the market of the device is about 7 million, the ratio is 9/14. Not worth fixing at all, right.

If you buy a new device, the price is not too deep, then you can change the screen to use. Similarly, other high-priced components such as Main or chassis. But at such a deep price, you should only repair cheap parts and wait for a new one to buy.

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# 4. Conclude

Based on what you've just given, the machines you should buy for easy repair if you accidentally break the machine is:

Thus, I have shared with you the experiences and opinions on Choose a gaming phone, from the perspective of a person who likes to beat a phone. Hope the article is useful for you.

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