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    As you all know, there is a very good jungler in recent seasons (like season 11, season 12) that is Fennik.

    Yes, and in today's article I will mention how to play Fennik effectively, jungle tips, analyze situations in the game.

    In the upcoming versions, the game publisher has not changed anything about this champion. That makes me believe that this is still a champion that will be used whenever releasing Auto Pic and winning.

    fennik-di-vibration (4)
    General Fennik - God of the woods

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    Hope your guide to Fennik can help you play the game better. Let's get It Started !

    I. Introduction of Fennik's skill set

    Passive (Na elastic): Fennik has the ability to fire often farther than other gunners. Especially Fennik's bullets will deal damage to the next target, but the damage will not spread by direct damage.

    fennik-di-vibration (4)
    Passive Fennik

    Zhao 1 (Detonation): Throw a detonator at the target, after 4 seconds or accumulate 4 points by hitting or using another detonator will deal damage to the enemy.

    After launching Fennik, the attack speed is increased, dealing additional damage to the detonator. When the detonator has detonated the second attack of the fox, he will surf a short distance (use the farther move).

    fennik-di-vibration (1)
    Zhao 1: Explosion

    Zhao 2 (Electric Jam): Glide in the direction indicated, cannot be targeted while surfing. The electric streak created by Fennik will deal damage over time, slowing the target.

    fennik-di-vibration (2)
    Zhao 2: Electric jam

    Zhao 3 (Super Sonic): Throwing a spinning chain does damage while slowing enemies in an area. Activate a second time so the chain returns to where Fennik is standing.

    how to play fennik-di-rung (3)
    Zhao 3: Tornado hypersonic

    Fennik's strength is that the detonator causes a lot of damage to the marked object, the second move will not take damage, cannot be used as a target to help outplay enemy assassins.

    With long range, tremendous damage, can Outplay every killer shock Dame. This is a gunner but scary as an assassin, so when ranked in auto ban. Drop any team that pic will win 70%.

    II. Fennik's jungle items and equipment

    #first. Equip Fennik in the jungle

    Equipment for Fennik jungler includes the following items:

    Method 1: Hurricane Bow -> Nomad Shoes -> Holy Sword -> Frequent Break -> Thunderstorms -> Guardian Armor

    Method 2: Hurricane Bow -> Nomad Shoes -> Holy sword -> Devil's bow -> Storm sword -> Armor

    how to play fennik-di-rung (5)
    Equip Fennik with the jungle

    Fennik has the ability to deal more damage when marking the first move, so you should speed up the attack and crit early game. These stats will help Fennik greatly improve.

    #2. Fennik table of the jungle

    • Ruby: (Speed ​​/ Critical Strike) x 10
    • Purple gem: (Movement Speed ​​/ Attack Speed) x 10
    • Sapphire: (Physical attack / armor penetration) x10
    fennik-di-vibration (1)
    Ngoc let Fennik go to the forest

    With this jewel you will have:

    • 26% attack speed
    • 5% critical strike
    • 10% running speed
    • Physics +9
    • Piercing armor +64

    III. How to play Fennik in the forest

    First I want you to take the role of the jungler is to move and bring advantages for Team.

    Especially in the early minutes of the game, this requires you to know how to read maps. This is more important than having good personal skills.

    Depending on the situation, we will change how to play Fennik accordingly. However, focus on playing well at each stage of the game.

    About how General Fennik's combo when ganking will be Zhao 1 (Explosive) -> Last Zhao -> Zhao 2 () Close-up the dame if the enemy uses the skill to flee

    #first. Early game

    This is the stage I consider to be the most important in the game. Since this stage had the first dragon of the match, the two Teams were at the starting line. Once an effective gank and eating a dragon will give your team a huge advantage in the game.

    We need to play Fennik at this stage as follows:

    Start with a dragon-side charm without even a dragon. Clear the forest as quickly as possible with a small green monster.

    Absolutely do not reveal your position every time a bird's shadow comes. This shadow will appear when an enemy eats a bird on a river bank. If you reveal the position of the enemy team will pay attention and it is difficult to gank effectively.

    fennik-di-vibration (2)
    How to play Fennik early in the game

    With the advantage of clearing monsters quickly, you will have 2 options:

    - If the enemy team is on the dragon line, call Mid and bot to eat the dragon with you when the enemy forest has not arrived. An early dragon will be a reward not only for you but also for the team.

    - If the enemy team ascends from the middle of the river upward, gank them. If you can earn a life, it's best not to force the enemy to go back and eat a dragon. Or maybe just eating dragons is an advantage.

    When the team has level 4 - 5 in the early game, it is considered as the end. Take advantage of the snow you just won!

    #2. The middle of the game

    How to play Fennik mid game began easier. Now you will fall into two cases.

    One is that your team is pushing the opponent green all the way, the other is the team you are pushing and the opponent is pushing at the roads. In those two cases, play the following:

    - Green Team case:

    Go straight to the opponent's jungle, without ganking. The enemy jungle swells it will have no dame, cannot support its teammates.

    My road is winning, if the enemy forest does not appear for sure your team will take pillars and buildings, big goals easily. To do this, play on the enemy forest, turn enemy forests into yours.

    how to play fennik-di-rung (3)
    How to play Fennik in the middle of the game

    Although you focus on crushing the opponent's forest, you still have to support the team to push towers, eat dragons, ceacer and teamfights. Do not rely too blue that illusion weigh 4, 5 offline your team will be overturned.

    - In case of a Team:

    On the contrary, if your team plays, play Fennik the following way. Ask your team to limit the overall teamfight, actively start odd to extend the game time. The longer you drag the game into the team, the more hopefully you will flip the odds.

    Prioritize pushing the soldiers very high, if possible, you should block the soldiers and do not give the enemy team a chance to attack. Move wisely to gain visibility for the team to avoid situations captured by the enemy team in the jungle.

    These things are very simple to say but not everyone can do and just want to do it. It requires you to be able to read good situations, analytical skills through many matches.

    According to my experience, try to catch odd when the team plays ad or ap The enemy team will at least extend the match to 2 minutes. Despite being a champion, few solo heroes have been able to win against Fennik.

    Take advantage of this!

    # 3. Late game phase

    The end of the game is the stage of deciding the battle based on the total teamfights. Your role is extremely important, so you need to play very carefully.

    In current versions, Fennik can use the ultimate and move it, making the possibility of Fennik being extremely difficult. Not to mention the 2 surfing skill can not be chosen as a target anymore, Fennik easily outplay the enemy team assassins.

    fennik-di-vibration (1)
    How to play Fennik late game

    Be sure to play the owl, the last move and the second skill to survive. The ultimate can be used when your team fights in total, clearing soldiers during important moments and absolutely not going up indiscriminately.

    About playing Fennik at the end of the game is as simple as that. If you want to fight aggressively make sure not to be shocked by enemies.

    Fennik is very strong when he has 1 (Explosion) skill, even the tank will not be able to stand the heat of this attack. Therefore, you should not only aim to kill paper blood, when the teamfight at the end of the battle to kill the enemy tanker is also a good thing to do.

    Limiting the situation bullshit, walking up the face to the enemy team it beat. Please coordinate the team as this is a team collaboration game even if you are green like a banana leaf.

    IV. Conclude

    Look at them How to play Fennik in the jungle Pretty simple, isn't it? I have some advice for you guys, this is a really strong champion so let's play with confidence. As long as there is no illusion of strength, you will certainly carry the team effectively.

    Wish you climb the rank successfully!

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