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    The giant in the Samsung Smartphone industry is famous for being an illusionist of mid-range prices, only paying attention to the high-end segment, or having a model that "chewes and chews" from year to year.

    However, 2019 marked a huge change for Samsung: They are as much as the Chinese companies. So what is the reason for Samsung to do so? Please find out in this article!

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    #first. Chew over and over again, and change unexpectedly

    Samsung has until now been known primarily for its two flagship phones: Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

    In addition, they have 2 mainstream mid-range devices, namely Galaxy J and Galaxy A. But mid-range models are cooked, changed and released by Samsung every year, such as the Galaxy A6 2017, A6 2018, A6 2019, etc.

    At the same time, its flagships only have two prices: Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus at premium prices, Galaxy Note at super premium price. This makes Samsung buyers not have many options, one is a mid-range machine, two are high-end devices, over!

    But this year, they had a rather unexpected change. Start with the duo Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 Made in China, from which the Galaxy M series was born.

    Next, the line Galaxy A-x0 also launched to the market, most likely to replace the A-x generation was too boring ...

    sam-sung-ra-smartphone-with-many-services (3)

    Next one: Too many machines released during the year. Galaxy A-x0 series has up to 9 main products, from A10 to A90. Some machines even come with 3 variants: For example, A50, A50s and A51.

    This year's Samsung Galaxy S10 also comes in 4 versions: S10, S10 Plus, S10 5G and S10e. The Galaxy Note is similar, with the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and 2 copies of Note 10 5G, Note 10+ 5G ..

    #2. What is the purpose of Samsung?

    Samsung is not trying to take advantage of a line like shipping lines to cut costs, so what is the purpose of this?

    Firstly: They focus on the midrange segment.

    Xiaomi and Oppo have been very successful in this segment in our country market in particular, and the Asian market in general.

    By the time the Galaxy A10 appeared, it had become the best-selling device in the world, and so was Vietnam. This shows the position and influence of Samsung, when only one device at the top of the mid-range segment, the price is similar to the ship engine, which quickly overshadowed all competitors in the same price range, thanks to the price. brand treatment.

    sam-sung-ra-smartphone-with-many-services (2)

    Next: Compete with Chinese flagships.

    Samsung Galaxy S10e is a cheap flagship device, with a smaller screen, less cameras, but has the same configuration and technology as the Galaxy S10, with a price just slightly higher than Xiaomi's flagships at the time. just launched.

    This is an attack on the psychology of buyers, causing them to consider spending a little extra money to get a genuine machine, of a big brand.

    Next one: Differentiated to compete with iPhone!

    Apple launches from 3-4 products every year, with different technology, price and target audience. Samsung is doing the same.

    For example, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G will compete directly with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Similarly, the iPhone 11 will be a rival to the Galaxy Note 10. This is the same as their assertion that their devices are as advanced as the iPhone.

    sam-sung-ra-smartphone-with-many-services (1)

    Final: Breakthrough with Samsung Galaxy Fold.

    Their device is not the first to adopt flexible screen technology. However, they are the first to perfect and make the world recognize it. The Galaxy Fold is expensive, but it is a necessary breakthrough for a time when Smartphone industry is plunging

    # 3. Conclude

    That's why, it is not China that can produce many smartphone models, huh. The move to increase the number of products shows that Samsung is trying to compete with many parties and in all segments: With Chinese phones and with iPhones as well.

    So do you think this change of Samsung is reckless? Leave your comments below about your perspective on this new direction of Samsung.

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