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In articles such as essays, essays, essays, etc., you can see that people often number the page to make it easier for readers to follow the content.

And another important thing is that in the essay they only number the page at the beginning of the content, the table of contents, the preamble, the question…. people often type in roman numbers.

So how to paginate pages with Roman characters? Yes ! The answer will be right in this article, I will guide you how to number pages combining Roman characters and digits extremely simple and fast. Make sure after reading the article, you can do it quickly.

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Instructions for page numbering in Roman style with numbers in Word

Analyze the problem: I will number Roman starting from I For pages like: Table of Contents, Introduction ..., but in the content of the article, I will number the page starting from 1, 2, 3 ... okay.


+ Step 1: Move the mouse cursor to the position of the last page you want to romanize, to proceed with page breaks.

language-search-book-with-words-in-word (1)

+ Step 2: You go to Tab Layout then click on the item Breaks. Now a list of features will appear => you choose is Next Page.

So we have split into 2 Section different then pages like index ... will be separated Selection 1, and the main content will be Section 2.

Note: For versions 2013 and below choose instead Layout then you choose Page Layout okay, also versions from 2016 and up are selected Layout.

digital-language-design-with-word-in-word (2)

To see if you have successfully broken the page, we will conduct a check, you go to Tab Insert => and select Header => then select enter Edit Header.

digital-language-design-with-word-in-word (3)

If you successfully split it will display 2 Selection like this. Then press the key ESC, or double-click in the middle of the text to exit.

digital-language-design-with-word-in-word (4)

+ Step 3: Now we will proceed with Roman page numbering for CONTENTS, INTRODUCTION ..., by placing the mouse cursor to the top of the table of Contents => then on Tab Insert => select the item Page Number => Next select enter Fomat page Numbers…

digital-language-design-in-word-lists (5)

+ Step 4: In the dialog box Page Number Fomat, in section Number Format you choose the type of page number is i, ii, iii,….

Next to section Page Numbering, check the box Start at for the first page number is i => then press OK to save settings.

digital-language-design-with-word-in-word (6)

Next, click Page Number For page numbering, choose a position to display the page number at the top or the bottom of the page.

  • Top of Page: If you want to insert page numbers at the top of the page.
  • Bottom of Page: If you want to display page numbers at the bottom of the page.

=> Then you choose the display position, (on the left of the page, right of the page or in the middle of the page).

digital-language-design-with-word-in-word (7)

The result is that pages of CONTENTS, FOREWORD have been paginated i, ii, iii,… Correct with the position you selected earlier.

digital-language-design-in-word-of-the-language-design (8)

+ Step 5: Next, we will number the page for the content starting with 1, by placing the mouse cursor at the top of the body of content.

language-search-book-with-words-in-word-of-word (9)

+ Step 6: Go to Tab Insert => click on Page Number => then select Format Page Numbers…

language-search-book-with-words-in-word-of-word (10)

+ Step 7: At the section Number Format Your choice of page number format is 1, 2, 3. Part Start at you enter is 1 => Then press OK to save.

digital-language-design-in-word (11)

+ Step 8: Next, you will number the page for the content, by going to the section Page Number, select the location where the page number is displayed => select a display style.

digital-language-design-in-word (12)

Result: The content has a page number starting with 1.

digital-language-design-with-word-in-word (13)


Thus, in this article, I have detailed instructions for you Roman numeric page numbering combined with numbers in Word Alright then.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Good luck !

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