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Micro Blue Yeti has become one of the most popular Mics brands on the market because of its high sound quality and unparalleled versatility.

In recent times, Blue Yeti has launched a new product called Blue Yeti X with startling upgrades from design to recording quality.

If you have the desire to become a Streamer, a professional YouTuber, then this Blue Yeti X will definitely be a better choice for you.

So, what is the Blue Yeti X attractive? If you are interested and looking to buy yourself a Micro, please refer to the following his article offline.

#first. Design and features of the Micro Blue Yeti X

Unlike its bulky predecessor, the Blue Yeti X is elegantly designed with a thinner, more beautiful frame with glossy black, with silver buttons on the base and pulse. around the recording.

The body of the Blue Yeti X is made of aluminum and has a sturdy base that prevents it from falling in the wind or accidentally touched by your hand.

mics-mics-blue-yeti-x (1)

Micro Blue Yeti X also has a multifunction smart button that makes it easy to adjust to suit your usage.

However, the thing that I like most about Blue Yeti X is that when the microphone is started, the LED light on the button illuminates blue to measure high-resolution LED to check your voice level. too high or too low to customize accordingly.

#2. Blue Voice and Logitech G Hub

One of the most impressive capabilities of Blue Yeti X is the ability to completely customize it G Hub software from Logitech, from sound quality and voice mode via microphones to an array of LEDs.

You can use G Hub to use Blue Yeti X's VO! CE software, which allows you to activate many voice presets or create your own by adjusting the low, medium, and high frequencies.

mics-mics-blue-yeti-x (2)

G Hub also lets you customize each LED on the Yeti, from around the mute buttons to individual colors for volume and maximum in real-time volume meter.

Another great feature provided by the G Hub software is that the balance is sufficient to customize any headset that you connect to the Blue Yeti X. That makes it possible to adjust each sound range. individual bars or turn on any of the presets.

#3. The great sound quality of the Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti X uses a series of four, up from three at the beginning, but in its default state, the sound is still quite good.

mics-mics-blue-yeti-x (3)

Blue Yeti X can still capture ambient noise such as typing on his keyboard. But when I listened to my voice recording, the sound was really loud, clear, full and not too dazzling.

# 4. Epilogue

In short, Blue Yeti X is a great microphone because of its beautiful design and good sound quality, which makes me feel like a professional Streamer whenever I play League of Legends with my friends 😀

Although the price of a Blue Yeti X is a bit expensive, up to about 170 USD (equivalent to about 3.95 million VND), its quality is totally worth the money you spend.

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