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In the event on November 5, Xiaomi launched the Mi CC9 Pro smartphone, an almost comprehensive upgrade device of Mi CC9.

In particular, they emphasize the photography score rated by DXOMark as the highest in the world to date. So what is going on? And what does this machine have? If you are interested, let me find out in this article right away.

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#first. Hardware Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

Mi CC9 Pro has an AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, 6.47 inch size, 3D curvature on the two sides, water drop design and integrated fingerprint sensor. This screen was introduced to be capable of filtering blue light, helping to protect users' eyes.

The device has 3 rear cameras including Samsung's main 108MP sensor, OIS anti-shake, 5x Tele camera with maximum zoom of 50x.

5MP resolution, 2x 12MP telephoto camera, 20MP wide-angle camera and 2MP macro camera. Thus, the device has a total of 5 rear cameras. The front camera of the device is 32MP

In addition, the device will have 2 sim, do not support memory card, use USB Type C charger, keep the 3.5mm jack

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#2. The design of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

This design is still mid-range machine, similar to Mi CC9 but more luxurious.

The rear camera cluster includes 1 cluster of 3 cameras, and 2 separate sensors located vertically in the left corner of the device, next to the cluster of 2 flashes. The size of this camera cluster is relatively large, making this camera cluster quite easy to attract attention

The 4 sides of the device are still thin, especially the 2 sides, 3D curved, giving the feeling of almost no border.

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Machine only has 3 color options Magic Green, Ice Aurora and Phantom Black.

# 3. Configuration of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

It runs on Snapdragon 730G, 6 / 8GB Ram and 128 / 256GB Rom, supporting UFS 3.0

The battery has a capacity of 5260mAh, 30W fast charging ..

# 4. Software / OS of the machine

It runs Android 9, with its customizable MIUI 11 interface.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

# 5. Review Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

This is a mid-range machine with the highest starting price ever of Xiaomi, with many improvements but not too big a breakthrough.

The device retains a very mid-range design, mid-range technologies, mid-range chip, mid-range price, and perhaps the breakthrough of the device only comes from the camera hardware.

And the way they put the 50X zoom camera system, 108 MP sensor and more than 5000 mAh battery in such a small machine is the first commercial machine to use the 108 MP camera sensor provided by Samsung, because Mi Mix Alpha will open for sale after this machine.

This is also the second device with 5 rear cameras, after Nokia 9 Pureview. The Tele 5X camera cluster of the device offers up to 50X zoom capability, far beyond those of Huawei or Oppo.

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The device is rated by 130 points DXOMark for photography and 102 video points, the highest in the world, up to Huawei Mate 30 Series. However, this is just published by them, and no one has yet verified the image quality of the device.

This may be a step to show that Xiaomi's conspiracy to increase product value, when it decided to make a mid-range device capable of taking better photos than its flagship Mi 9, and pushed the price of the device to Approach compared to the current price of Xiaomi Mi 9.

So how do you feel about this Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro? Leave your comments below!

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