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In the event of launching new products in Vietnam on November 1, the Galaxy M30s was introduced by Samsung as the successor to the Galaxy M30, with many improved features and a reverse design. Why is the reverse engineering and design, please see in this article.

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#first. Galaxy M30s hardware


The screen is Super AMOLED, FullHD + resolution, 6.4 inches in size and uses the line's unique water drop design. M.

It has a 3-megapixel rear camera cluster including a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 5MP depth-camer camer. The front camera of the device has a resolution of 16MP.

In addition, the device has 2 sims, supports memory cards, uses USB Type C charging, and retains the 3.5mm jack.

#2. Design of Galaxy M30s

There is not much to be said of a machine M, because it is quite similar to the design of the Chinese Smartphone already.

The device thins the border around, however, the chin is not very thin. The back of the device is still made of fake plastic, along with the plastic frame.

On this back, we still have a fingerprint sensor, and especially the disaster camera cluster. Do not put each sensor separately, do not put the camera and flash in a vertical line, what Samsung has done is put all into a black cluster, the ratio of 3: 2 with the left row is 3 sensors, while the other side Must be a flash light with 48 Mega pixels text.

This is not a haunting design like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Nokia 9 Pure View, nor is it a design that affects the grip experience, but it is too big and too much space. People look very inhibited, and sore eyes 😀

samsung-galaxy-m30s (3)

Users will have 3 options for the color of the Samsung Galaxy M30s, that is Black mystery, turquoise and white nebula.

# 3. Configuration of the Galaxy M30s

The device uses Exynos 9611 chip, an upgrade of 9610 on Galaxy A50, accompanied by 4GB Ram and 64GB Rom for sale in our country market.

The battery of the device has a capacity of up to 6000 mAh, enough to use comfortably for 1 day.

samsung-galaxy-m30s (1)

# 4. Software / OS machine used

It runs Android 9.0 and uses its own OneUI customization interface.

# 5. Review pcs Galaxy M30s

The machine is quite significant upgrade compared to the previous Samsung Galaxy M30 such as: About camera, battery, performance and a little design.

In particular, carrying a 6000 mAh battery equivalent to ASUS ROG Phone 2, but the machine is very light due to the finishing mainly from plastic.

Next, the Exynos 9611 chip promises to bring a surprising performance to users, because this is an upgrade chip from Exynos 9610 for gaming, photography and AI.

The biggest minus point is the camera cluster. Samsung seems to be looking to break through the design, however the line M is their budget line of smartphones, so this is not possible. Instead, they changed a bit about the rear camera cluster, but this change has made the device very strange, instead of unique or new.

samsung-galaxy-m30s (2)

The price of the Galaxy M30s is about 7 million VND, its opponent in the end of this year is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro just came out not long ago, or Oppo A9 2019 or Realme 5 Pro

So, I have assessed for you about new products of Samsung this month already. Do you like the design of this camera cluster? The comment below gives your opinion ~~

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