Protect Adsense account invalid click Wordpress

Adsense account protection invalid WordPress clicks - Okey! as you know in accordance with the terms of Google AdSense, does Google assume any responsibility for invalid click activity? Even if you do not click but others click, your account is at risk of "going away" and it is difficult for you to appeal. And now is the time you need to take action to protect Adsense account.

Adsense account protection is invalid click

If you are using WordPress, congratulations, you can protect your blog and Adsense account from "vandalism" in high-risk countries. One of the advantages of WordPress over any other CMS is its ability to use plugins for additional features to improve blog standards.

The AdSense Invalid Click Protection Plugin (AICP) was developed by Saumya Majumder, currently the plugin has over 9,000 installs and it is compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Benefits of AICP Plugin

  • Put your ad clicks on each IP

  • Automatically block any visitor that exceeds the click limit

  • Stop showing ads for specific countries

  • Ability to view statistics of banned users and IP

  • You can delete any banned users in turn or in batch

  • The plugin will display the statistics of banned users from the Admin Console

Install, activate and set up AICP

First install the Plugin named AdSense Invalid Click Protection (AICP) (This plugin is rated by the community as the best with 4.5 stars) (If you do not know how to install the Plugin for WordPress, you can refer to the article to install the Plugin for WordPress). After installation is complete, activate the Plugin and configure it to use.

On the left menu, locate “Adsense Invalid Click Protector”, click click "General Settings" to start setup for the plugin.

Invalid Adsense click WordPress account

Invalid Adsense WordPress click account

On the plugin settings page, you will be able to set a click limit, block countries.

adsense wordpress ads 1

  • Set the Ad Limit: You can set this to a minimum of 1 or up to 3 clicks on your ad unit.

  • Click Counter Cookie Expiration Time: Set the time to 3 hours, this will control the cookie expiration time of the click counter.

  • Set the Visitor Ban Duration: You can set it to 5-7 days, this is the number of days users will be banned from seeing your ad, after the specified time the ads will start showing to banned users.

  • Do you want to use the IP-API PRO KEY: For sites with high traffic of 10 thousand page views or more, you may consider buying a Premium Version of IP-API to avoid 503 errors because the free version only allows 150 requests per minute while the paid version is unlimited.

  • Provide your IP-API PRO KEY: If you are using the paid IP-API version, you can enter the API.

  • Do you want to block showing ads for some specific countries ?: If the purpose of using this plugin is to stop showing ads for some countries, then check "Yes", but if you do not want to limit the area "No".

  • Banned Country List: Enter the list of countries you want to block ads, you will enter the country codes. Commands are separated by commas (,). To enter this link to get the country code you want to block.

For example: I want to block India and Russia. I will enter IN, RU respectively for India and Russia.

After filling in the fields, click "Save Changes" to change. But this is not the final step because you have to install the ad display with PHP functionality, not the regular ad code implementation.

Integrate and implement ad code

There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to insert ad code on your blog, but in this case, not all plugins support it. You can display ads with PHP functionality or use shortcode.

Use PHP to display ads

Okey! Before using this method, you should install the plugin to support ad insertion in PHP, one of the plugins that I am using is Ad Inserter (This is a great plugin to support ad insertion with more than 200,000 uses, an extremely high rating of 4.9 stars).

You just need to work as follows to customize Adsense ad code. Please copy the code below and paste it into the Ads Insert Plugin and select PHP mode as is.

Use shortcode

It is very easy to create a shortcode in WordPress, all you need to do is add a snippet of code to the functions.php file of the interface you are using. You have access to the file functions.php by going to Appearance> Editor.

Once the functions.php file is opened, you can now add code. Please be careful as it may cause errors on your Web site, so you should save the file functions.php before you make it.

In the functions.php file, scroll to the bottom and add the code below.

Note: From the code above, you must change "Your_shortcode_name" and "your_shortcode_feft_name" Anything you like. But you need to pay attention "Your_shortcode_feft_name" mentioned twice, so make sure you change it in 2 places.

When you're done, save your changes and insert your shortcode wherever you want to display ad units on your website. To display the shortcode in WordPress, use the shortcode structure like this (name shortcode), it is done!

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