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    When it comes to photoshop, we often think of the graphic industry, design, image design, etc. But few people pay attention to the other useful utilities that this photoshop software brings.

    Well, in today's Photoshop article I would like to introduce you to a tool Perspective puzzle using the Vanishing Point tool In Photoshop, this is what you do with architecture. It helps you have a more realistic view of interior design as well as the periphery of the apartment.

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    Perspective puzzle using the Vanishing Point tool

    + Step 1: First you open up Photoshop software => and add perspective files and files to merge.

    Next, in the apartment perspective, click the icon Create a New Layer to create one more Layers rỗng as shown below.


    + Step 2: Then click on the image file you want to merge => and press the key combination Ctrl + A to select => continue to press Ctrl + C to copy the image.

    Vanishing-point-of-the-next-generation-with-points-2 (2)

    + Step 3: Now go back to the previous perspective image file => and click Background => then select Fiter => select Vanishing Point. Or press the key combination Alt + Ctrl + V to open the dialog box Vanishing Point.

    Vanishing-point-of-the-next-generation-with-points-3 (3)

    + Step 4: At the dialog box Vanishing Point, click on the tool Create Plane Tool. Or press the key C to choose.

    Strange image

    + Step 5: Then use the command key Ctrl + Zoom in on the image area, here you click on the four corners as shown, to create the grid area.

    Vanishing-point-of-war-keeping-bang-vanishing-point (5)

    + Step 6: After creating the desired grid area, press the key combination Ctrl + V to Paste the image, and click Ctrl + T to make it smaller, before putting it into the grid.


    + Step 7: After placing the image in the grid area, the image will automatically be tilted according to the perspective of the frame area on the wall.

    And now you scale to fit the whole image => then click Ok to Apply and exit the Vanishing Point window.

    Vanishing-point-of-the-next-generation-with-points-7 (7)

    Ok that's it then, the rest of you now is to decorate the missing interior parts of the house in the same way to get the exact interior frame from the perspective of observation. Thereby giving appropriate treatment for the apartment.

    Vanishing-point-of-war-keeping-bang-vanishing-point (8)


    At this point, the article instructing perspective jigsaw by Vanishing Point tool on photoshop also asked to pause. Hopefully, the little trick in photoshop today will really help you.

    Good luck !

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