Neve vs Astra vs OceanWP theme is right for you


Neve vs Astra vs OceanWP theme is right for you - There are many themes in WordPress Directory. Choosing one for your site will quickly become overwhelming, especially when comparing high-performance, low-cost options like Neve vs Astra vs OceanWP.

Fortunately, if you carefully break down the features available for each topic that interests you, it will often become clear that best suits you. Whether you need a beautiful page layout or versatile versatile theme, you can customize it extensively, and you'll eventually find what you need.

In this post, we will compare three popular free WordPress themes: Neve, Astra and OceanWP. We will include key features, extensions, demos, and potential costs to help you determine if one of them is right for you. Let's go there!

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Compare Neve vs Astra vs OceanWP



Live demo of Neve.

Our attractive, professional one-page theme has the ingredients for a successful website. Handy features for both style and performance, including:

Lightweight code will keep your site running fast (with a Google PageSpeed ​​score of 92).

Compatibility with Elementor, the most popular WordPress site builder.

A first design on mobile will keep your site looking outstanding on any screen, with AMP support.

Customize foot and top drag and drop, and layout controls.

A library of start pages for templates you use to create your website quickly and easily.

Additionally, you extend this theme by purchasing the Neve Pro plugin. It includes a number of handy add-on modules like custom layout, title enhancer with sticky and transparent menu options, 'Move to top' button, deeper WooC Commerce integration, and more. So again.

Neve's launch website library offers users both versions with 11 free website demos, including many options and templates created specifically for Elementor. If you don't go into custom coding and want to quickly launch your site, these tools will get the job done.

The theme is free to download. The Neve Pro add-in plugin then starts at just $ 39, allowing you to use it on unlimited websites.

2. Astra


With over 300,000 active installations, it's undeniable that Astra is a popular option. This is not particularly surprising when you consider many of its desirable qualities, such as:

Optimized code performance adheres to the highest standards.

Numerous layout, header and footer options to personalize your page design.

Integrating elements for advanced customization and page creation.

Responsive design and create mobile headers to ensure your website is perfect at any screen size.

Dozens of startup websites you'll enter using the free Astra Starter Site plugin.

You can also extend Astra by buying the Astra Pro plugin. This brings features like advanced customizations, white labeling, and additional startup websites for your WordPress installation. Extensions will make this inherently flexible theme easier to tailor to your needs and tastes.

With so many demos to choose from, you also won't have to worry about custom coding or creating layouts (unless of course you want it). Astra includes startup websites optimized for Elementor, Beaver Builder, Original WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) and Brizy. You will also find blogs, e-commerce, business and other types of websites among the built-in options.

Astra itself is free, but Astra Pro costs $ 59 per year. They also have a small Reseller Plan and Reseller Plan with prices of $ 169 and $ 249, respectively. Later packages are required to unlock premium startup websites.

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3. OceanWP


This topic boasts nearly 1.5 million downloads and it's clear to know why. OceanWP is a very versatile versatile theme that can be adapted to any type of website. It includes some pretty cool features, such as:

An integrated Search engine optimization (SEO) facility and excellent page speed test scores.

Responsive design makes your page readable even on mobile devices.

Integrates with page building plugins.

Highly customizable through the use of extensions.

Access to extensive demo library, including free and premium templates.

Unlike the other topics in this post, you add to OceanWP with individual extensions. Some are free, others are available for purchase individually and are all included in the theme's Core Extensions Pack. Some highlights include white labeling, the unique Elementor widget, Instagram feed integration, and more.

According to the demos, OceanWP will not make you want. There are one-page demos, e-commerce and blogs, with over 70 options to choose from. A few are available for free, but others require buying a Core Expansion Pack.

When it comes to price, OceanWP is what you make it. If you want to use the theme alone, you can build a great website without spending a penny. If you want to add just one or two extensions, keep your site affordable while adding only the high quality features you need.

The core extension package starts at $ 39 per year for use on one site and can run as high as $ 129 per year for use on unlimited websites.

How to decide which topic is right for you

On the surface, these topics may seem quite similar, but upon closer inspection, there are subtle differences that make one topic more relevant than others when it comes to your page. We have summarized our findings in the table below:

Neve vs Astra vs OceanWP

Features, characteristics

One page layout, Elementor compatible, drag and drop customization

Customize mobile titles, unique gadgets, a host of design features and layouts like custom fonts There are most design options, flexible to use with a variety of websites.

ExtensionsNeve Pro offers seven modules for additional functionalityAstra Pro includes customizations and advanced layouts. 21 extensions are available individually or as part of the Core Extensions Package.

Starting website11 free start websitesThe largest library of free and professional start websites.Over 70 demos, 13 of which are free.

Price Start only $ 39 per year for use on unlimited websites.Astra Pro is available for $ 59 per yearThe OceanWP extension is available as a la carte at different prices. The core extension package is available for $ 39 USD $ 129 per year.

In short, you don't want any of these themes. Our main comparison lies in the extensions available for each of the demos, the demos they offer, and the prices that those elements require.

With the lowest cost and premium usage on unlimited sites, Neve Pro uses the wheel when there is the option that best suits your budget for only $ 39 for use on unlimited websites. It also offers a unique drag and drop header and footer generator.

In terms of the most available startup website, Astra wins with a huge library of importable websites. Like the Neve Pro, it's also affordable, with unlimited use for just $ 59.

Finally, OceanWP has deep customization capabilities and is the best option for those who want just one or two premium extensions without having to pay for the entire package. However, if you do want extensions, an unlimited license will cost you $ 129 (even though you use it on a single site for $ 39).

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Your WordPress site theme has a great influence on its style and functionality. It will play a serious role in helping users form opinions on your site, so it's important to choose carefully. It becomes difficult to handle comparisons like Neve vs Astra vs OceanWP.

Each site has high quality features to create a great website, but also appeals to different types of users:

Neve: Free theme that provides a beautiful and modern page layout ideal for small businesses. It's also quite affordable, starting at just $ 39.

Astra: Although the free version is not much different from the other topics in this post, Astra Pro has an intriguing feature set from a premium perspective and a large website library.

OceanWP: Pricing for extensions makes OceanWP ideal for those who only need one or two additional features, instead of the whole premium theme.

Do you have questions about Neve or another WordPress theme? Let us know in the comments section below!