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Mobifone: A fairly large network operator in Vietnam, known for many preferential service policies or product purchase subsidies to entice customers to use.

Similar to Viettel, Mobifone has also imported some machines to release with the Sim, their packages and preferential policies.

And the special point, of course, is the very cheap price of these products already. And from November 11, 2019, their Mphone will be sold on e-commerce sites for only 1.5 million.

So at this price, we will have what?

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#first. Hardware of the Mphone

Because they enter the machine and manually pack as well as produce the packaging, the specific information of this machine I do not have. But basically, we have some information as follows:

The screen is 5.99 inch, HD + resolution, no ears, moles.

It has a dual rear camera cluster with a resolution of 13 MP main camera, accompanied by a 5MP camera, unknown wide-angle or clear fonts. The front camera has a resolution of 16MP.

In addition, the device has 2 sim or 1 sim 1 memory card, USB Type C charger, 3.5mm jack holder.

smartphone-mphone-crab-mobifone (1)

#2. Mphone's design

Nothing to say: The back is made of fake plastic, including the middle camera cluster, fingerprint sensor and logo. Metal bezel. Extremely thick screen bezel.

It seems that the device has only one color is Black.

smartphone-mphone-cua-mobifone (2)

# 3. Mphone hardware

MediaTek MT6750T runs on microchips, with up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Rom.

The battery has a capacity of 3800 mAh, there is no information on fast charging.

# 4. Software / OS of the machine

It stopped at Android 7, there was no update and no information about the customized interface.

Mphone phone

# 5. Review Mphone smartphone

This is just a machine of a distribution network only. We should not ask for too much about origin or details.

With the price of 1.5 million, the device has many plus points:

  • Big screen.
  • Dual camera.
  • Nice design, good finishing.
  • Big buff, Ram and Rom.

However, there are no missing points:

The MT6750T is also 3 years old like the Snapdragon 821 chip, but this is a mid-range chip. With 8 GHz 1.5 GHz, the machine can perform normal tasks at a reasonable level, absolutely not suitable for gaming or performing heavy tasks. Not to mention the MediaTek chip degraded over time.

Camera is bad, even dual camera. In the reviews I saw on the internet, the camera suffered from low light, no image stabilization, no image processing AI, in short, Bad.

The device's operating system is also only Android 7 and does not support additional updates.

HD + resolution on 6 inch screen for a very bad experience.

The reason the device was so cheap was because the Mobifone service-selling program had ended, and they liquidated the spare device to the outside.

Although it is distributed genuine by Mobifone, the device only has a 30-day warranty and I think it will be impossible to find a replacement if something goes wrong.

So for half a million, do you find this machine worth buying? Please leave your comment below.

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