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Mobifone, the third largest telecom operator in Vietnam, after Viettel and Vinaphone. This carrier has had great promotions and packages compared to the other two carriers, with the main purpose to attract customers.

However, recently Mobifone has stopped providing a lot of terrible data packages (cheap), making users very confused and angry. So what is Mobifone's intention? Please find out in this article!

Note: This is an article sharing opinions and personal views of users, not intended to cause War or speak ill of the network!

#first. The story of buying sim

If you are a student, perhaps many times your school has been visited by the Mobifone staff to market Sim? So is my place.

Specifically, at the beginning of the previous school year, Mobifone staff also went to their school to market and sell sims, with incentives: 50k / 1 sim, buy 1 get 1 free, and a month with 120GB for only 50k.

More specifically, they sell a lotus sim, which has a special offer khu vực 4. Since this seems like a good deal, I signed up to buy it.

Pack of data thaga100 for the sim card of Region 4, users will have 120GB of 4G data in the region and 2GB of data outside the region for 50k / 1 month.

The network speed is relatively fast, but because Mobifone is not as wide as Viettel or Vinaphone, the network experience on sim is not very good.

mobifone-ngung-calling-data-frames-gia-re (1)

And until October 26, 2019, many terrible data packages were discontinued, including packages thaga100 I am using.

Instead, Mobifone offers new packages, and the package is similar in size thaga100 is priced at 99k, twice as expensive as before. However, this is the amount that can be used anywhere, not limited to area 4 anymore.

#2. Mobifone: A good step?

My Sim has been used for more than 1 year, used to register many important online accounts, used to contact many people, and to access the Internet, .... And my device also has only 1 sim. Ie now I can almost not remove this sim anymore, although the original intention was just to buy to use the network only.

Mobifone creates a long enough time from the start of marketing to the death of promotional packages, so that users are dependent on the number of subscribers they choose to buy, accept recharge to use the service. , or at least maintain a subscription for making calls or using mobile networks.

Similar packages thaga100, many other mobifone packages are user-selected such as C90, C90N was also killed. The list of packages has been discontinued, you can see below.

mobifone-ngung-calling-data-frames-gia-re (2)

Alternative packages are much more expensive, but the high-speed capacity does not increase. This is what makes many users very disappointed.

The new rates are even more expensive than Vinaphone, while the quality and scale of Vinaphone is much better than Mobifone.

# 3. Advice

Do not be cheap but choose quickly. Nothing delicious, nutritious and cheap.

If you only buy a SIM to use the Data plan, OK, but if you want to buy a sim to listen to calls, you should choose Viettel or Vinaphone to signal the stability, and also do not buy sims with limited regional promotion packages. , because you don't know when those packages will be terminated.

mobifone-ngung-calling-data-frames-gia-re (3)

How do you feel about this action of Mobifone? Leave your comments in the comments section below!

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