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Of all the wizards right now, only three generals can potentially shock Damge, killing enemies in just one note. Those three generals are Natalya, D’Arcy, Veera.

With generals D’Arcy then you can see a little bit better, but champions Natalya equally, guys! So today, let's go together blogchiasekienthuc.com Let's analyze and find out why General Natalya has this ability.

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I. The plot of General Natalya

Before the tragedy of demons invading the world, a group of clear soldiers had sacrificed themselves. They accept the evil magic curse to be able to become immortal guards of Chancel.

Although they successfully stopped the invasion, they were forced to retreat into the darkness because of the curse magic on them. And Natalya is the descendant of this soldier.

Ironically, the cursed person cannot die until he passes it on to their seed. And so Natalya has become a curse.

Sometimes there will be those who cannot control the evil energy within. That makes them crazy and devour their fellow humans. The more they bite and swallow each other, the more powerful they become.

For fear of being invaded again, the Holy Palace decided to maintain and even nurture these soldiers. Natalya is one of the most prominent and powerful soldiers.

So the Holy Palace decided to make an adult ceremony for her. But Natalya was extremely disgusted with the feeling of guilt every day.

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Right at her adulthood, Natalya devoured all of her fellow humans to end their inferior life.

Not stopping there, she bit the messenger's name Chancel to show your determination. Because she knew they were the source of this evil curse. Natalya then left the sanctuary and she heard a voice.

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Natalya heard the conditions clearly and she agreed. Indeed Veera eradicates the curse on her body. The curse had turned into Fangs that always followed her.

And Natalya follow Veera and vow to be loyal to her. And also from here Hell of danger appear, Natalya officially participate in Depression forces.

II. General characteristics Natalya

#first. Pros of General Natalya

- Has a large amount of magic damage.

- Ability to deal strong, fast damage. Not only single target but multi-target is also very fast.

- Ability to push the road as well as pushing towers and towers well.

#2. Cons of General Natalya

- Mobility is not high. Easy to catch and difficult to escape as well as chase the target is not good.

- Like most other wizards, Natalya's blood and armor are not much, quite fragile.

- To optimize the damage, you need to use 1 hit on all rays. This is very difficult.

- The tactics of Natalya It's all about directional techniques, so it's difficult to use.

- The trick uses a lot of energy. Need to go home many times to recover.

- When using the ultimate will stand still, then it will be a prey for the assassins.

# 3. Ministry of skills of Natalya

Tim-natalia-natalya (1)

Natural-Custodian-natalia (1) Passive of the Fire Mantra: Every time the ability is used, it adds bonus magic damage. Can accumulate 10 times.

Analysis: The passive can help Natalya have a huge amount of damage from bonus damage. Also increases the possibility of shock damage and strong fighting spikes.

natalia -beauty-natalia (2) Devil converges: Natalya Call 5 demons to attack in the direction and target area within range. Every enemy hit helps enemies Natalya regains mana and reduces that cooldown by 0.6s.

Analysis: This is a skill that possesses a large amount of damage accumulated into the target. Not only has a large amount of damage, but the use of all ghosts helps reduce the cooldown of 3s really strong. If the first phase that has blue charms, then Skill1 uses hand fatigue without fear of consuming energy.

natalia -beauty-natalia (3) Dark sphere: The target will explode into a ball that deals magic damage and stuns and slows the target.

Analysis: With stunning effects help Natalya have more hard control. At the same time the time the enemy is stunned is when she unleashes a huge amount of damage that is difficult to miss.

Especially when hit attack 2 will increase the amount of damage remaining skills greatly. This helps Natalya was stronger even stronger.

Not only that, this is also a technique to fight back when assassins approached. If not careful, then the assassin may die before this girl.

natalia -beauty-natalia (4) Ray of death: Natalya releases 1 energy in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit. Also buffs an extra amount of armor to help control immunity and damage.

Analysis: Last move, please Natalya Attack multiple targets in a straight line. Not only that, but Buff buffs free to control her.

Especially when combined with skill 2 will help her have a huge amount of damage that no one can support. Not only that, the ultimate can put a large amount of damage in a short time making the enemy unable to keep up "Back to change clothes".

III. Epilogue

So I have finished analyzing with the generals Natalya Alright then. Hope you guys climb the rank well and don't forget to support the Knowledge Sharing Blog! Thank you, cordial and goodbye.

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