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    If a tribe was selected that both had great damage and could overcome the buffalo formation, and had a great deal of resistance, no one could surpass the Demon.

    Possessing a destructive power of the demon race, the Demon race can help you climb Rank Anto Chess Mobile easily when used properly.

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    #first. Introducing the Demon race

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (1)

    Bearing in the blood of the demon race (Demon), this clan possesses extremely dangerous ability that is increased by 50% of the standard damage caused to apply to all heroes on our side of the field. However, the passive only activates when there is only 1 Hero on the field.

    Up to now, the Demon race consists of 6 Demons: Hell Knight, Phantom Queen, Shadow Devil, Fallen Wicher, Doom Arbiter and the demon lord Rogue Guard.

    #2. Note the use of the Demon race

    Like I said before, the Demon's passive only activates when only one Hero appears on the field.

    So why is there 5 members of Auto Chess Mobile of the Demon clan? To overcome this limitation, the game publisher decided to add the Wicher system (demonic kill system) to "kill demons"

    Although it is said to be a demon, the Wicher system is the "savior" for the Demon race.

    Intrinsic to Wicher:

    • 1 Wicher: When there is a Hero of the Wicher system on the field, it will count as a Demon of the opponent. This is a factor to counter the squad that owns the Demon.
    • 2 Wichers: With 2 Wichers on the field all the Demons in your squad will be counted as 1 Demon.

    So when you have 2 Heroes of Wicher system you will not have to worry about the number of Demons on the field and still activate the passive.

    # 3. Details about the Heroes of the Demon race

    Before coming to the Demon race heroes let's find out about the Wicher system:

    Taboo Wicher ($ 1)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

    • Life force: 550/1100/2200
    • Armor: 5
    • Damage: 50/100/200
    • Attack speed and range: 1,2s / 1 cell
    • Magic Resist: 10%

    With your passive skills, when attacking opponents Taboo Wicher will reduce opponent's mana and also add 60% physical damage.

    Fallen Wicher ($ 3)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (3)

    • Life force: 700/1400/2800
    • Armor: 5
    • Damage: 55/110/220
    • Attack speed and range: 1.4s / 1 cell
    • Magic Resist: 10/20/30%

    Although belonging to the Wicher family, Fallen wicher is also a member of the Demon clan.

    With the ability to help Fallen Wicher exchange life force with a random Hero in your squad (usually favored heroes with energy) and increase 100/150/200 damage and 50/75/100% attack speed 60s drum.

    It could be said that this was a key card in the Demon race. With a huge source of damage after exchanging vitality, especially the intrinsic property of the Wicher system will be your first choice when choosing the Demon race.

    Here we will go to learn about the remaining 5 Demons.

    Hell Knight (2 $)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (4)

    • Life force: 700/1400/2800
    • Armor: 5
    • Damage: 40/80/160
    • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 1 cell

    Is a close combat hero but skills Luyện ngục tiễn of the Hell Knight back quite far. The skill will deal damage between 50-200 / 100-300 / 150-400 depending on your "dignity" and stun for 1-2 / 1-3 / 1-4s.

    For $ 2 and a high drop rate, it's not hard for you to get the Hell Knight. Hell Knights can take on the role of a vanguard and parry in many squads.

    Phantom Queen ($ 2)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (5)

    • Life force: 550/1100/2200
    • Armor: 0
    • Damage: 57/115/230
    • Attack speed and range: 1.2s / 3 cells

    As the only assassin in the Demon clan, the Phantom Queen takes on the role of the opponent's main catcher.

    With skill Ma âm Deals 200/300/400 magic damage in a 3-box radius. However, due to lack of armor and magic resist, it is easy to die when jumping behind to catch the main force.

    Shadow Devil ($ 3)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (6)

    • Life force: 450/900/1800
    • Armor: 5
    • Damage: 80/160/320
    • Attack speed and range: 1.1s / 4 cells

    When using skills Ảnh only, the Devil Devil will unleash 8/9/10 shockwaves around himself and cause opponents 150/200/250 damage from skills.

    Doom Arbiter ($ 4)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (7)

    • Life force: 950/1900/3800
    • Armor: 5
    • Damage: 110/220/440
    • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 1 cell

    Doom Arbiter is a gladiator and Tanker for the squad.

    With great vitality and very high base damage Lời nguyền can make an opponent's hero unable to use the skill. Doom Arbiter's curse also deals 70/90/120 standard damage in 10/15 / 20s.

    Can take on many roles in the squad. However, the long cooldown time and low drop rate are the drawbacks of Doom Arbiter.

    Rogue Guard ($ 5)

    toc-demon-in-auto-chess-mobile (8)

    • Life force: 1200/2400/4800
    • Armor: 10
    • Damage: 125/250/500
    • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 1 cell.

    The "demon lord" of the Demon race possessed extremely powerful ability. Passive deals 50% of physical damage within 2.5 cells and has the ability to proactively increase the cost of 100/150/200 damage to all Demon on the field.

    With the ability to increase damage and superior stats, Rogue Guard can be considered as one of the strongest heroes of the game. However, the high price and low drop rate make it very rare for anyone to experience this hero.

    # 4. Epilogue

    Hopefully the above article will be helpful to you. I look forward to your support as well as the Knowledge Sharing Blog so I can write better. If you have any comments, you can comment by commenting below!

    Wish you have fun playing the game 😀

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