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#first. The plot of General Kriknak

"Life or death doesn't matter to me." So he acts like a madman. His purpose is to kill, kill and kill only. He did not know what fear was.

And no one knows where he is or what he is doing. Because wherever someone dies or needs to die, he will appear. He swallowed his soul, the enemy could run but could not escape his pursuit.

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (3)

Yes, he was cold-blooded, but he always worshiped his master. Because it was thanks to his master that he was able to be like today.

He was once his enemy cut off his assassin horns. And the owner sacrificed his horns to make him an assassin. Thanks to these implanted horns, he evolved day 1 quickly.

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (1)

For master, he is willing to do everything. Even when his master faced Thane he was not afraid but he also showed his master.

It was not until later that people saw him in a silver armor and where he chose to go nowhere else is Depression forces.

“Whoever dares to be rude Maloch, I will execute him. ”

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#2. Ministry of skills of General Kriknak

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (5)

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (2)Sipping passive: Each hit of the target will deal additional damage to the next basic attack.

Analysis: Increasing the damage of normal attacks will help Kriknak have more stable damage. In particular, will put more damage to the target and cause better single-target damage.

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (4)Devil larvae: Kriknak calls a swarm of larvae to attack a designated target dealing physical damage to the victim while marking the demon larva.

Each basic attack or next move will deal additional damage while reducing cooldown of 3s Ấu trùng quỷ.

Analysis: With the ability to do more damage when basic attacks after launching will help Kriknak have a greater amount of damage.

Not only that, the combination with the passive will bring a huge source of damage. Special Ấu trùng quỷ could be the premise for Kriknak to charge at the enemy. Also reducing the cooldown of 3s will help farm early minion monsters faster.

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (1)Beetle: Kriknak gashes in the direction indicated to deal damage and heal.

Analysis: This is one of the two mobile moves of Kriknak. Bọ húc help him chase the enemy better, not only that it is okay to flee or cross the terrain.

Tim-hieu-tuong-kriknak (3)Airborne hazards: Kriknak soars in the air to increase movement speed. Reactivation will land in the target direction and deal damage and reduce movement speed of all hit targets.

Analysis: With Danger of air This is Kriknak's biggest and most important attack.

If move 1 gives us damage, move 2 has mobility, the final move converges both of those factors. Especially when combined with the passive of skill 1 and using the ultimate to pounce on the enemy, the amount of damage caused is immeasurable.

Not possible Hiểm họa không trung can also be used to put enemy damage and damage done so fast that the opponent will not know what happened.

# 3. Combo way

Usually we have 2 different combo ways. One way is for most people. The other way is a bit harder but the effect is higher.

Method 1: Use your ultimate to chase or wait for the enemy to pass. Then reactivate pounce on the enemy and continue to use 1 basic attack. If the end of the goal, use the move 2 to glide, but then chase and finish the goal.

Method 2: Use your ultimate to fly your wing into the air, then drop 1 on the target you want to put the damage. Keep using your ultimate to pounce on enemies that put damage and finish the target.

But the difficult point in way 2 is very difficult to use the first technique to select the target. Only experienced people know and do it. But once you do, the amount of damage done is immeasurable.

# 4. Epilogue

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