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The DxOMark score on a Smartphone is a score that measures each device's ability to take photos and videos. Simply put, it is like a Benchmark score on a phone, a visual number to compare, brag, or advertise devices.

So is the score scored by DxOMark really reliable? Let me find out in more detail in this article.

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#first. What is DxOMark Score?

DxOMark is a sub-brand of the French company DxO Labs, specializing in the evaluation of cameras and camcorders. The company has been around for a long time, and DxOMark has been evaluating smartphone cameras for nearly 10 years.

This is a company that evaluates camera quality very carefully and in depth, so there are many people who believe in the numbers they give. Specifically, with smartphones, they will evaluate the following parameters of photos and videos:

  1. Ability to adjust brightness.
  2. White balance.
  3. Autofocus speed and accuracy.
  4. Contrast.
  5. Color.
  6. Reconstruct photo details.
  7. Zoom ability.
  8. Noise reduction
  9. Error handling during recording or shooting.
  10. ……… ..

They will take lots of photos, and shoot videos for a long time to get the most accurate score. It sounds very believable, right!

Of course, with the leading experts, the latest technology, the harsh tests, ... the results they produce are still more reliable than personal assessments, without depth and without persuasion. .

Understandably, besides Antutu, DxOMark is also taken out by companies to advertise and rival.

Best example: Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro takes DxOMark out to Huawei: Xiaomi's mid-range device can surpass Huawei's thousand-dollar flagship to become the best camera in the world.

smartphone-camera-smartphone-bang-dxomark (2)

#2. Are DxOMark points credible?

Believe it or not, it's up to you!

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro Serie use the new RYYB sensor, instead of RGGB like all other devices. This gives them the ability to capture extremely detailed nights, but deviates colors and burns a lot in well-lit conditions.

smartphone-camera-smartphone-bang-dxomark (1)

The difference you can see right away with the naked eye, but for the average user, it doesn't seem to bother much. The photos you take will still be good at reducing noise, good beauty algorithms, getting lots of details, removing good fonts, .... And for many, that's enough!

Until now, there are still many people who bring out the image detail or image smoothness to compare the 2 cameras with each other and ignore the other criteria.

No wonder, general users, they don't want to delve into these. This inadvertently makes new products, flagships or cameras with beauty camera algorithms very popular.

Next: The smartphone technology revolution takes place incessantly. This requires DxOMark to be able to take advantage of smartphone photography technology to best assess what OEMs use on their products.

smartphone-camera-smartphone-bang-dxomark (1)

For example, Sony merges the Xperia smartphone segment with the Alpha camera array to bring a range of photography technologies to their machines. However, the score that DxOMark gave was the Xperia 1 out of the top 10 with the best camera. This is only Sony said, but it also seems right.

Next: Causing conflicts among fandoms. For example, recent iFans have been frustrating about not believing DxOMark when Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro's photography score is even higher than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, at a price of only one third.

The same goes for the other fandoms, and since then, they have asked: Are Chinese phone companies already pouring money for DxOMark to get a high score and advertise their products?

It is also possible, because in the top 10 smartphones with high DxOMark Camera, the machine from China also accounts for the majority already?

In addition, DxOMark also has audio reviews, but I do not see users agreeing so well.

# 3. Summary

Still like the Antutu Benchmark score, The points scored by DxOMark cannot be absolutely trusted, that you only use should refer to it.

The quality of the photography on each device may vary according to each person's perception, so do not rely on the evaluation of others, but go ahead and try it yourself, guys 😀

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