Instructions to open an account and deposit money at XTB floor

About a month ago, when we conducted the XTB Floor Assessment, the website did not yet support Vietnamese language, but now Vietnamese language can be used. at this floor. This proves that XTB is focusing its focus on Vietnam, where the foreign exchange market is growing. Before that, XTB also attracted many investors to open trading accounts at the floor because of its reputation and high security.

As one of the very high-aged brokers, operating on the market for 17 years, XTB has created a certain foothold in the world forex market. With a network of offices spread across the region, licensed by top-notch managers, plus good trading conditions, XTB is now known as a big player in the foreign exchange market. .

In addition, XTB also provides investors with an exclusive xStation trading platform with many outstanding features, helping investors experience the best trading experience.

Before starting to go into the instructions to open an account and deposit and withdraw money at the floor, you can refer to the article Review of XTB floor to find out in detail the trading conditions at the floor as well as choose the type. The account matches your needs and capital.

Part 1: Instructions to open an XTB floor account

Step 1: Open a manager account

First, click on the button below to quickly access the homepage of the XTB floor website

Open an XTB account

The homepage of XTB floor appears as follows

Here, click on the flag icon to select Vietnamese language again and click the button Create Account in the right corner of the screen to start opening accounts

Then enter your email address and select the country Vietnam. In the 2 squares below, click tick to agree with the conditions of the floor and then press the button Next.

Here, you continue to create a password for the management account (this password is used to log into the management account / personal area and on the trading platform). Note: password must be at least 8 characters, including at least 1 uppercase letter and at least 1 number. After entering the password, click Next

Next, enter your personal information, including First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Date of Birth and Nationality. You fill in the information as shown in the picture above and continue to drag the cursor down to complete the other information

The first is to click on the box I am not a US citizen, then select the information related to your income and press the button Next

Here, you enter the information related to the home address, the information must coincide with the address on the ID card or the documents that you will verify in step 2.

If the place where you live does not have a street name or house number, you can enter the name of the commune / ward / village, etc., in the spaces provided. With postcode, you go online to find the latest updated zip code 2019 of the provinces. After completing the information, press the button Next

Here, you will select the type of trading account. First choose your platform, then choose your account type, currency and then your language. If at this time you are still wondering what type of account to choose, at this step just choose any account, because after completing the account registration, you can still open more types of accounts other. In this article, we choose the Standard A account of the MT4 platform because this is the most popular platform currently offering all the features, because it is the most popular so there will be a lot of MT4 user community, Members of those communities will assist you if you have questions about MT4.

After selecting all the information, press the button Next

Next is the terms of the floor, you tick all the squares I agree..., and in the last 2 circles, check the first box I am not a politician ...., and then press the button Next

You can download the MT4 trading platform by clicking the button Download MT4, but you can download MT4 after you've completed all the registration and account settings, so in this step, you click on the Go to the account management page to continue to complete your account profile.

Step 2: Upload the identity verification and address verification documents

After finishing step 1, the screen will take you to the identity and address verification page.

XTB provides you with 2 solutions for uploading documents, one for taking pictures directly and uploading with your mobile phone, and the other for downloading images that are available on your computer.

To use the first method, click on the box Send the link by message, as shown below

At this time, the system will send you a message containing the link to upload the documents via the phone number you registered at the beginning (you can change it with a different phone number if you want), then You open the message on the phone, kick the link and follow the instructions on the phone to complete the verification.

In the second way, drag the screen towards the bottom of the page

The interface of the screen will look like the picture above, first you choose the documents to upload, with identity verification, you can upload ID card or Passport (the picture must be clear, the photo must be full 4) corner). Then click on the cells Upload photos from your computer to turn on uploading the front and the back of the papers. After uploading, press Continue

Then comes the address verification section, this part you do the same as the identity verification above. Documents used to verify your address include: Bank statements, Electricity, water, internet bills, etc. As long as your name and address are complete.

After downloading the documents, the screen will appear as follows

The verification process at XTB takes only a few minutes, please wait patiently for the results here or check email to receive feedback from the floor. If it takes too long, you text the support staff on live chat to help you verify faster.

Step 3: Open a new trading account

After the documents are verified, you log in to the home page of the management account with the email and password that you registered at the floor.

At the homepage, you click My account On the left side of the screen, after that, the system will display a list of your accounts, at this time you continue to click the box. More account as shown below

The screen will appear as follows:

Here, select the trading platform, account type and currency, and then click Send.

Note: you can only open up to 4 types of real accounts.

The screen will then return to the list of your accounts, and you will see the new account displayed in that list. The account ID is displayed on the list, for the xStation account, the password of the trading account is also the password of the management account.

If you open a new MT4 account, then you will have to create a password for the trading account as shown below, the remaining steps are the same.

Part 2: Instruction on depositing and withdrawing money at XTB

XTB does not accept third party payments, therefore, any account or card you use to deposit / withdraw must also be in your name.


There are 2 ways to make deposits to your trading account

  • Method 1: In the home page, click on the box Recharge, then select the trading account to top up
  • Method 2: select on the item My account, in the list of trading accounts, you want to top up your account then click on the box Recharge of that account

Both ways give the same result. The screen will display the forms of deposit available to you.

This article, we will guide you to top up in 3 forms (internet banking or mobile banking), Visa Card and Neteller Wallet, these are common forms, used by many Vietnamese investors. use

  • Deposit by

After selecting form, continue to enter the amount you need to deposit, and then press the button Recharge

Here, you can choose to pay via internet banking (online banking on computers) or mobile banking (online banking on phones). If you select a form, click on the box with the form similar to the one above.

  • Deposit money by internet banking

After selecting internet banking form, the system will display a list of banks for you to choose, which bank account you use, click on that bank. The screen continues to appear as follows

First, you tick the box Online completely by internet banking account, enter the following information as shown in the picture, and then press Continue

Then enter the security code, then press Continue

Here, enter the ID and password of your internet banking account on the computer as instructed in the image above, then click Log in. At this time, the bank will send you an OTP code via the phone number you have registered with the bank, enter the OTP code as required and then press Confirm is done.

  • Deposit money with mobile banking

The steps are similar to that of internet banking, except that choosing a deposit method instead of choosing Online via domestic bank then you choose the form QRPAY Mobile banking. After entering your personal information, the screen will display the QR code as shown below

At this time, you log into your mobile banking account on the phone, then scan this QR code and then make payments according to the instructions on the phone is done. This form is commonly used because most investors have mobile banking accounts on their phones.

  • Deposit by Visa card

First, you click on the box Deposit by new credit card to enter card information

The information includes your Card number, Expiry date and CVC code, all of which are on your Visa card. OK, got it

Now you will see your card appear, enter the amount you need to deposit and press Recharge

After making a deposit, the bank will send you an OTP code by phone, enter it as required and then press Confirm is done.

  • Recharge with Neteller e-wallet

Here, when entering the amount to deposit, the system will automatically display transaction fees. Then enter the email and password of your Neteller wallet account and then click Recharge is done.


Note: how to deposit money by any method that also withdraws by the same method, this article we will guide you to withdraw money by bank account, other forms are similar.

To withdraw money, go to the homepage of the management account and select the Withdraw section

The exchange then asks you to add information about the bank account you need to withdraw money by clicking the button Add a bank account

Here, you enter the information including Account number, Bank name, Bank BIC code (to find out Google), then click the camera icon to upload bank statements or any documents To prove that the bank account is yours, then press the button Send

You will then have to continue waiting for you to verify the identity of your account.

After the verification floor is complete, you will see your account displayed in the withdrawal dialog.

Here, select the trading account to withdraw, if there are multiple bank accounts, click the account you want the money to go there, enter the withdrawal amount, then click the Withdrawal to complete the transaction.

Through this article, I hope you will open an account successfully at XTB, if you encounter any problems during the process of opening an account or making a deposit or withdraw money, please text the staff on live chat, you will always receive support from staff, especially in the process of verifying documents.


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Author: Tin Nguyen

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