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In the previous article, I have detailed instructions for you how to draw pictures, transform images, move pictures ..., in Word already. If you have not read through part 1, you can review it here: Instructions for drawing operations in Word: Part 1

In this article, I will guide you on part 2 on how to format drawings, as well as how to write content and content format for drawings.

Attention: In the entire tutorial, if I mention it in the Tab Fomat then you can double click (left mouse click on the object 2 times), it will go directly to Tab Fomat quickly.

I. Format for drawings in Word

We can format the drawing by going to the tools group Shape Style. In this group we can change the color of the image, create borders for the image, effects for the image, etc. and clouds.

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#first. Change colors and borders of drawings based on available patterns

In Word, there are templates such as shape color and borders ... you can choose which template you like to use.


+ Step 1: Select the drawing you want to change.

+ Step 2: On the tab Format, click the dropdown arrow in the group Shape Styles as shown below.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (1)

Result: The image will appear according to the style you selected.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (2)

#2. Paint the picture

You can also color your favorite drawings by:


+ Step 1: Select the image to be colored.

+ Step 2: On Tab Format, click the dropdown arrow at the section Shape Fill. Now the colors will appear => now you just have to choose the color you want.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (3)

Result: The drawing will be drawn according to the color you selected.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (4)

# 3. Fill the picture with a border

You can also add borders to drawings, to make your drawings stand out by:


+ Step 1: Select the image you want to change.

+ Step 2: On Tab Format, click the section dropdown arrow Shape Outline. The border color appears => you choose on which one you like best to use.

If you want to paint other colors, then choose More Outline Colors... also adjust the selected bold borders Weight, dashed selection Dashes.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (5)

# 4. Create effects for drawings

We can also effect drawings by:

+ Step 1: Click on the drawing.

+ Step 2: Go to Tab Fomat => click on Shape Effect => then select the effect you like. Here are the effects like: Shadow (shaded), 3D (floating blocks) ...

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (6)

II. Add content to drawings in Word

Write content for images to annotate others, and to make your drawings more vivid. In this section you will learn about the tools group WordArtStyles and Text Customize text effects, text position ...

#first. Write content for drawings


+ Step 1: Select the image you want to write the content => then right click => select Add Text.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (7)

+ Step 2: Enter the text in the picture.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (8)

#2. Content color and borders are available in Word

Word already has content and borders already in Word, if you find it suitable, you can also choose to use it.


+ Step 1: Click on the drawing.

+ Step 2: Go to Tab Fomat => select Quick Style => Then select the template you like.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (9)

# 3. Highlight text, border color, effects for content

Similar to coloring pictures, in Word also supports text coloring, border color and effects for content. How to do the same as the picture.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (10)

# 4. Change the position of the content

To change the position of the content, we will learn about the tool group Text, here you have to change the text direction and display position of the content in the picture.

word-action-words-in-word-segment-2 (11)

III. Conclude

Yes ! So in this article I have guided quite detailed with you how to format drawings in Word, such as coloring, creating borders, adding effects .., as well as adding content and content format in the picture already.

In the following article, I will show you how to align drawing objects, grouping, disassembly, etc. Please pay attention to it.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck !

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