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In text editing, to highlight words or paragraphs we often use the underlined style of words or paragraphs.

I take a specific example as when drafting administrative documents, in place "Independence - Freedom - Happiness" often underlined to the right, or in other cases you just want to create a dashed line under the word alone, how to do this?

Yes ! If you do not know, then in this article I will guide you in detail how to create underlined words in the process of drafting and presenting the text in the most complete way.

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How to create underlined text in Word


+ Step 1: Select / highlight the text or paragraph you want to underline => Then go to Tab Home => select the word U underlined.

Or After highlighting the text you want to underline => use the key combination Ctrl + U is the text to be underlined (see also the keyboard shortcuts in Word).

creative-word-design-in-word (1)

As a result, the text will be underlined as shown below.

creative-design-words-in-word (2)

+ Step 2: To open additional underlining styles, click the arrow next to the text U, there will now be multiple styles of underlining for you to choose from. Please select the type that fits your document.

creative-word-design-in-word (3)

If these types of underlining do not suit your document, and you want to refer to other templates, Word supports you as well.

+ Step 3: Hover on the word U underline => click on the arrow next to => then select on More Underlines.

creative-word-design-in-word (4)

At the dialog box Font, you mouse over the item Underline styles => click on the drop down arrow icon to display other underlined styles. Click the underlined style you want to use => then click OK.

creative-word-design-in-word (5)

After you choose, immediately the content on Word will be changed to the new underlined style.

creative-design-words-in-word (6)

In case you just want to underline each word, select the item Word Only in the list of underlined styles.

creative-design-words-in-word (7)

As a result, the underline will show only under each word and adjust the length of the underline according to the length of the word.

creative-word-design-word-in-word (8)

In addition, users can also create color for those underlines. For richer and more emphasized.

+ Step 4: Click on it Underline Color => and then select the color for the dashed line. If you want to open more colors, then press More Colors…

creative-word-design-in-word (9)

At this point underlining will be more prominent in the text.

creative-word-design-in-word (10)

+ Step 5: To remove underlines, select the text or paragraph to remove the underlines, and then click the close arrow U Underline => and select None.

Or Highlight the underlined text and press CTRL + U is to be.

creative-word-design-word-in-word (11)


So in this article I have very detailed instructions for you underline text in Word Okay, simple but extremely important because it will often be used in your text editing.

New friends must master this background knowledge then we can master Word. Good luck !

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