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Video Top 4 how to check certain keyword rankings must know.

1. Manual check

This website ranking testing method is quite fast and extremely easy. No tools to install. However, in order to get accurate site ranking results, before searching, you must use incognito search mode.

Why is that? In the past, when two people searched for the same keyword, the results would be the same. But for now, the results will be different. The reason is because Google will evaluate your search history and context to deliver the results that are most relevant to your needs.

If you visit a website regularly, it is likely that the website will appear in your search results. Therefore, in order for the results to be accurate, you must use incognito mode, to clear previous search history.


  • If you use Chrome: press the key combination: Crl + Shift + n, or click the 3-dot icon and choose "New incognito window".

Check keyword rankings on Google
Check keyword rankings on Google
  • If you use Firefox:

Check keyword rankings on firefox
Check keyword rankings on firefox

The incognito interface appears as follows:

Check keyword rankings on Google on anonymity
Check keyword rankings on Google on anonymity

B2: Go to or, whichever you want to check.

B3: Enter the keyword you want to search.

How to check keyword rankings on Google

The results appear, you check whether your website is on the first page or not.

You have to check where your website is located in a series of search results.

# When to use this method?

When you want to check the instant website ranking of a few keywords. The downside of this approach is that you have to scan each website, each page to know where your website is.

2. Use

B1: You go to the link:

B2: Enter information:

Check keyword rankings on Google Use
Check keyword rankings on Google Use
  • Enter the keyword you want to check

  • Enter the domain name

  • Click the letter g to select a location and language. Here I choose to be Vietnam - Vietnamese

  • Choose a desktop or mobile device

B3: Click Go!

Different from the manual check above, when you check with this free keyword ranking software, you will see which rankings and landing pages are on the top.

The disadvantage of this method is that you can only check 1 keyword at a time. Plus is a tool that allows testing on multiple locations, multiple languages, so if your potential customers are abroad, it is very convenient to use.


While GWEBBOT is not a keyword ranking tool at a time, this professional tool is useful for website owners and marketers to manage keyword rankings over time: day, week, month, year.

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With just a few declarations when setting up an account, the system will automate the measurement of daily rankings, data processing and result reporting. In particular, GWEBBOT is the first keyword ranking tracking tool in Vietnam to immediately notify your phone / email when keywords have significant fluctuations.

B1: You click on the link below to create a free 30 day account: