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Spotify is the leading online music platform in the world today, it supports all platforms such as Windows, macOs, iOS, Android and also has a web platform for PC.

But, as you all know, the web-based Spotify interface is quite boring, it's too simple and nothing outstanding 😀 unlike on the mobile and PC applications that we use often.

Therefore, today I will share with you the utility named Spotify Web Visualizer - this utility will help you completely change the face of Spotify on the web. Let's explore and experience soon ...

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Change the music player interface of Spotify on the Web

You can see this is the default music interface on Spotify Web, very classic with black background and it looks quite boring, because many online music websites have the same interface.

spotify-spot-for-spotify (1)

Now, to change this to become a Mobile interface, we'll install an extension for Chrome Spotify Web Visualizer.


+ Step 1: Visit the gadget's page here => then click Thử ngay bây giờ to install the utility.

spotify for spotify (2)

+ Step 2: You click on Add extension to continue adding gadgets.

spotify for spotify (3)

+ Step 3: Installation is complete, please visit the address => and play any song, if already open then press the key F5 Reload the web page.

Immediately, near the button Queue There will be a full screen icon - the icon of this utility - click here to activate the music player interface.

spotify for spotify (4)

Yes! You will see a familiar music interface like on Mobile applications with blurred wallpapers.

The middle is the cover image, right below is the name of the song, the artist and the familiar control buttons Next, Pause, Play, Random, Loop and a bit unfortunately it doesn't have a volume rocker.

spotify-spot-for-spotify (5)

You notice in the upper left corner there will be a sign X, click here to return to the default view. But I think you should let this interface listen to interest, and when you need to find a song, you need to escape.

spotify-spot-for-spotify (6)

As you can see I am opening the Spotify app on Windows 10 and also do not have the interface as above, only on Mobile.

spotify-spot-for-spotify (7)

And as you can see in the section of his guide to install this extension at the beginning of the article, there is even a button under the test button Buy now buttons for VND 22K.

Ie it is a paid utility and I think for only 22K ~ less than 1 USD, you should also buy (if you regularly listen to Spotify on the web) to support the author.

spotify-spot-for-spotify (8)

So I have just guided you How to change the music interface for Sppotify on the web? then ha.

Hopefully this utility will bring a new breeze, a new experience for you when experiencing music on Spotify on the web, helping you have more enjoyable and relaxing moments.

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Have fun listening to music!

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