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Currently, copying / copying content on websites is quite common, when hundreds, thousands of small and large websites are created every day.

To prevent this, the website owner (Webmaster) has taken a number of measures to minimize this situation, such as stamp copyright in images in the article (as I often do in the article. on the blog), and another way that is used a lot, is that it does not allow copying or blocking users using the right-click Menu.

However, blocking the copy or disallowing the right-click menu is really a bad experience for users.

Because many users have a habit of blacking out when reading, and moreover there are paragraphs we do not understand and want to copy a word to search on Google. Also do not cause very inhibited feeling ..

So in this article I will share with you some utilities to help you can use the right-click Menu on websites that block this feature.

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In this article I will introduce to you 2 utilities that support this quite well. You can use either of these 2 utilities.

Right from the name we also know the nine functions of this utility, right? It simply helps you turn on the right-click Menu on websites with Script blocking.

Download Enable Right Click: Friend click here to install this utility.

This is a free extension on Google Chrome, you just need to click on the link above => and click the button Thêm vào Chrome => and select Add Extension to install the utility is done.

If you put Vietnamese, the utility name will have the name Kích chuột phải or similar.

content-not-used-website-not-allowed (1)

Now, go to a website that you want to use the normal right-click Menu => then click on the icon of the utility and choose:

  • Enable Right Click: Turn on the main function of the utility, that is, enable the function to use the Right-click Menu.
  • Disable Javascript: Disable Script has blocked Right-click Menu (if the above option does not work)
  • Ultimate Mode: Combine both options above.

content-not-to-fade-on-not-allow-websites (2)

Just as simple as that. Websites that you have activated the gadget once, the subsequent visits it will also be automatically activated.

There is a list to manage the websites that have enabled the extension, click on the extension icon and click the gear icon.

content-not-used-website-not-allowed (3)

Allow Right-Click is a compact, powerful and effective utility that allows you to right-click and copy content on any website with the right-click blocking feature.

Download Allow Right-Click: Friend click here to install this utility.

Visit the link above => and select Thêm vào Chrome =>choose Add Extension to install the utility.

content-not-used-website-for-permission (4)

Access to the website is blocked right-click => then click on the icon of the utility => and when you see the mouse light up means OK then, and you can use the right-click menu as usual .

In addition, to not have to click the convenient icon whenever you need to activate the right-click menu on a certain website, please activate Automatically active extensions on this hostname is that okay.

content-not-used-website-for-permission (5)

You can also create an automated list that enables the right-click menu utility on the websites you want by right clicking on the icon of Allow Right-Click => and then select Extension Options.

Enter the web addresses you want to automatically activate Right-click menu, separated by commas => click Save to save this list.

content-not-allowed-on-websites-not-allowed (6)

II. Epilogue

The above are two utilities that allow you to Use right-click menu, or copy content on websites that block copy and right-click menu. They are all free, simple, and extremely easy to use!

In addition to the utilities that I have introduced above, if you know any other good methods or utilities, do not hesitate to share below the comment section for you to experience.

Hope the article will be useful for you, wish you success!

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