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If you are looking for a team with long arm span, great source of damage, and with high accuracy, the "hunters" in Auto Chess Mobile can do this very well.

With Hunter squad You will own the most physical damage in the game, with great effect when climbing Rank. That's why I am going to guide you from A to Z today How to use Hunter in Auto Chess Mobile The most effective way.

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#first. Introducing the Hunter lineup

First, the maximum number of Hunter for you to reach the highest strength threshold of this squad is 6 Heroes: Egersis Ranger, Shining Archer, Dwarf Sniper, Wind Ranger, Siren and Tsunami.

hunter-hunter-tools (2)

Passive of Hunter system:

  • 3 Hunters: All of your Hunter's attack stats increase 35 physical damage and have an additional 35% chance of accuracy.
  • 6 Hunters: All of your Hunter's attack stats increase 80 physical damage and have an additional 65% probability correct.

Tip: To bring out the best of the Hunter squad, try to reach the 6 Hunters mark in the squad. However, if you play 3 Hunters lineup try to get Siren good Tsunami because these are the heroes that are considered representative of this team strength.

#2. Notes and reviews about the Hunter squad


The first thing you need to pay attention when Use a squad with Hunter was the strength of this team at the beginning of the game was quite weak due to low vitality.

Therefore, choose the heroes with high resistance to overcome the first difficult period and make sure the line for the team later.

hunter-tools (4)

However, finding 6 Hunters in the squad is not easy. Try to accumulate leverage to have a high chance of dropping high-priced heroes, as these are the key pieces in the late game.

In the end, gather the necessary equipment, try not to lose to the inmates because Hunter's power depends a lot on those items.

# 3. Review Hunter squad

3.1. Advantages of the Hunter squad

  • Possesses the highest amount of physical damage in the game with almost absolute accuracy.
  • Extremely good at defending high-rate formation and short-spread teams.
  • Because the maximum number of Hunter is only 6, it is easy to combine with other squads.

3.2. Cons of the Hunter squad

  • This is a team with very low vitality, easily evaporating if you do not have a solid enough staging.
  • The cooldown is quite long, so the power is partially limited.
  • Depends quite heavily on heroes like siren and tsunami at the end of the game and the amount of equipment needed.

# 4. Details of the Hunter squad members

4.1. Egersis Ranger ($ 1)

This is the cheapest hero and the easiest to find in the team that has a high drop rate.

hunter-hunter-tools (5)

Possessing skills that increase 25/35/45% attack and attack speed, Egersis Ranger can deal a steady amount of damage to opponents.

Although only for $ 1, this is a hero with some very important early game if you choose to go Hunter.

4.2. Shining Archer (2 $)

Popular only after egersis ranger, with the price of $ 2, Shining Archer is also a relatively easy chess piece.

hunter-style (8)

With the skill deals damage from 50-500 and stunning for 1-5 seconds depending on the level of the target.

In general, the skill does not have a great effect but is annoying and reduces the damage of the opponent. This is a fairly thin blood hero so it is easy to die when asassin approaches.

4.3. Dwarf Sniper ($ 3)

hunter-hunter-tools (1)

The "sniper dwarf soldier" is one of the two Dwarf heroes should be able to increase their own attack range. Dwarf Sniper possesses the longest range of the game (5 cells) and great base damage, although the attack speed is quite slow.

With the ability to lock an enemy hero and then accumulate bullets to cause 400/600/800 damage. This is a gunner with an excellent ability to finish the main goal, but it is also very dangerous when closed.

4.4. Wind Ranger ($ 3)

hunter-hunter-tools (6)

The Wind Ranger possesses the same ability as a Dwarf sniper, but the ability has penetration. Specifically, the wind ranger will pull the bow for 2 seconds then shoot a penetrating arrow to deal 400/600/800 damage along the way.

In addition to skill, with extremely fast attack speed this is a very important source of damage in the squad but needs protection.

4.5. Siren ($ 4)

hunter-hunter-tools (3)

This is one of the two most important heroes of the Hunter squad. With wide petrification skills, siren has the ability to control extremely strong.

When confronted with siren, the opponent's heroes will be reduced by 20% of 3s drumming speed and if looking continuously will petrify for 2s. Skill range from 4 to 7 cells depending on the siren level.

4.6. Tsunami stalker ($ 5)

hunter-style (7)

As the rarest hero in the Hunter squad, Tsunami is the "trump card" of the entire squad. Along with Siren, this is a very powerful card.

With a wide range of skills, Tsunami will knock out all heroes in range and stun 1.6 seconds and deal massive damage.

Heroes can follow the Hunter squad: Pirate Captain, Doom Arbiter, Sword Man, Storm Shaman, ...

# 5. Epilogue

Above is his article about How to climb Rank with Hunter squad in Auto Chess Mobile game. I hope this article will help you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!

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