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In the Three Kingdoms, there is a general known as the champion of the world. And in the Federation of Mobile he is also very powerful thanks to the second most bloodthirst of all champions.

Yes ! No one else, he is Lu Bu - Champion of the war god.

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And today, you let's learn more about this champion!

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I. Lu Bu's tactics

Lu Bo possesses 3 skills and an passive and he is a champion based on physical justice.

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Zhao 1 is Lu Bo's only maneuvering technique with 3 special glides with the effect of knocking down all enemies hit on the 3rd surfing.

Zhao 2 is Lu Bo's only petty move. Combined with the passive, 1 hit on the target will help Lu Bo reduce the attack time by 1s.

Zhao 3 of Lu Bu is God of War. Upon activation God of War, Lu Bo increased his power by 70% thanks to the effect of physical increase and increased resistance to effects. Especially with the ability to heal, Lu Bu is called a monster with Unti.

II. The order of attacks for Lu Bu

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Because Lu Bo's move 1 is the only maneuverable move and is the ability to approach enemies. So please raise the maximum skill first and then to War God and Phuong Thien Hoa Size.

III. Addition and gameplay style Lu Bu

Regarding the play of Lu Bo, there are 2 different ways of playing: to go to Ta Than and go to the forest.

#first. Going to the Evil God Road

When going to the Evil God Road, Lu Bu's help is included Bộc phá and Tốc biến. If you do not have high Lu Lu game skills, you should bring along Bộc phá to facilitate the exchange of skills with the opponent.

If you are confident in your ability, please bring Speed. Because this is a supplement to help increase mobility for Lu Bo, not only this add-in is easy to cause high mutations when combined with the 3rd surfing of skill 1.

When traveling on the Evil God, take advantage of Lu Bu's early game advantage to override the enemy's lane, and use reasonable Gods to stay on the road! And go gank support teammates when the opportunity.

#2. Going to the forest road

If you go jungle with complementary punishment. Take advantage of Lu Bu's early game advantage to farm troops quickly and go ganking to support your teammates and take lots of great goals for the team!

IV. Table Jewel and Built equip General Lu Bo

#first. Jewel board

With Lu Bu you can use 2 different pearl tables:

  • 1 is biased towards physical justice, maximum armor penetration and health.
  • 2 is about physics, armor penetration and speed.

For the first jewel, you go up as follows:

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  • Ruby: 10 Physical attacks / Piercing armor.
  • Purple gem: 10 crit ratio / Blood.
  • Emerald: 10 Physical attacks / Piercing armor.

And if you want to go to gank to support your teammates quickly, you should use the second board. .

#2. Builts fitted

- For Lu Bo to the forest:

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  1. Search for souls.
  2. Thick resilience.
  3. Frequent break.
  4. Complex sword.
  5. Hercules gloves rage.
  6. Guardian armor.

- For Lu Bu on the road.

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  1. Frequent break.
  2. Thick resilience.
  3. Complex sword.
  4. Hercules gloves rage.
  5. Order of Troy.
  6. Guardian armor.

V. Conclusion

So I have introduced and basic instructions about General Lu Bu for you all. Wish you climb the rank well and continue to support! Thank you, cordial and goodbye <3.

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