how to get the product to any page - product shortcode

    Product shortcode

    Product shortcode is a piece of code that can help you customize your website to your liking more easily.

    Below is the code I collect to make it easier for you to customize your website, if possible, please follow my site.

      • (products orderby="date" order="desc")

        - Show the latest products.

      • (product_category category="slug-danh-muc-san-pham")

        - Display new products based on the product category name.

      • (sale_products per_page="12")

        - Display of 12 products being discounted.

      • (best_selling_products per_page="12") 

        - Display of 12 best selling products.

      • (product_attribute attribute='color' filter='black')

        - Display products containing color attribute and attribute value as black.

      • (wooc Commerce_cart)

        - show cart page

      • (wooc Commerce_checkout)

        - show the payment page

      • (wooc Commerce_my_account)

        - display the user account page

      • (wooc Commerce_order_tracking)

        - Display the order tracking form

    vidu: recent product show (demo: in the header there is a recent product section)

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