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Yes, I do not know if the title I wrote is so I will explain more clearly as follows:

When you upload a file to Google Drive, and you intend to share it for everyone to download, you only need to be in Public mode. However, many of you upload files have a different purpose.

They upload and share the file for you, but the special thing is that you can only view the document and can't print or download it. Because Google Drive has that feature.

Therefore, in this article, I will share with you a great trick to help you download files on Google Drive when the download feature is locked (or we can call that link in View Only format as that you).

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+ Step 1: To make it easier to understand, you can visit this link to try. First, right-click the file to download => and then select Lấy đường dẫn liên kết...

On normal links, when we right click so there will be a download button.


+ Step 2: You open a new tab => and click Ctrl + V The link you just copied is in Bước 1 go to => and press Enter to access.

download-link-google-drive-to-get-science-download (2)

+ Step 3: In this step, please do as I instructed.

Start: Press the key F12 => then click on the sign + (remember) => then find the section or => Then right click as shown below.


+ Step 4: Okey, in the new link you just opened, replace the code at the end (after the = sign) w800.

Here I will change the paragraph = x0-y0-z0 Fort w800


However, it is not necessarily the code = x0-y0-z0 Please. It could be another piece of code, depending on what you press Zoom several times, and are you currently logged into your Gmail account?

download-link-google-drive-to-get-science-download (7)

+ Step 5: After replacing, the link will be like this => you press Enter.


+ Step 6: Well, now you click on the image to Zoom enlarge image and right click on image to download to computer máy

download-link-google-drive-to-get-science-download (6)


So I have just shared with you a very cool trick, help you can Download the file when the Google Drive link has locked the download feature and that.

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Hope this article will be helpful to you, wish you success!

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