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In the process of statistical data, we do not rarely encounter "infinitely long" spreadsheets. This makes it very difficult for you to capture and manage the information contained in that Excel file.

Therefore, to assist you in managing Excel files more effectively, in this article I will share with you how to shorten spreadsheets with the SCROLL BAR.

Job collapse Excel spreadsheet To a certain extent, it will help you more easily synthesize and manage your Excel file.

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How to collapse spreadsheets using the SCROLL BAR scroll bar

+ Step 1: First, click open the Excel file to be processed.

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (1)

+ Step 2: Here, you open the tab Developer => and select Insert => select continue Scroll Bar (From Control).

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (2)

+ Step 3: Then you create a line SCROLL BAR The corresponding number of rows on the worksheet you want by left clicking and dragging down

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (3)

+ Step 4: Then right click on the bar SCROLL BAR => and select Format Control....

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (4)

+ Step 5: At the dialog box Format Control, click open the tab Control => then set the value as follows:

  • Current value = 1.
  • Minimum value = 1.
  • Maximum value = (The total number of rows on the worksheet minus the number of rows indicated in the SCROLL BAR).
  • Cell Link: You click on any cell on the spreadsheet to establish a connection.

=> Then click OK to apply.

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (5)

+ Step 6: Next, highlight the worksheet title area => and right click and select Copy.

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (6)

Then Paste to the SCROLL BAR as shown.

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (7)

+ Step 7: Okay, now you enter the function formula =OFFSET in the box below the title box as follows => and then press Enter to execute.

= OFFSET(cell value represented;The cell contains the worksheet link;0)


  • Cells that contain spreadsheet links: After selecting the cell containing the worksheet link, press the key F4 on the keyboard to fix it.
  • 0 is the absolute value!

Specific example: = OFFSET(A4;$ M $ 1;0)

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (8)

+ Step 8: Then you hold the plus sign in the formula cell => and then Fill the formula down horizontally, and vertically as shown to apply the formula to the remaining cells.

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (9)

Finally we get the results as shown below. Here you can highlight the display area and change the font font, font color, as well as the font size that will display in the minimized spreadsheet ....

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (10)

+ Step 9: And now you can use the mouse to drag the slider in the SCROLL BAR, or click the triangle button above, or below to move values ​​up, down ... to check information on the spreadsheet quickly. .

excel-excel-excel-excel-scroll-bar (11)


Okay, so I just gave you very detailed instructions how to collapse Excel spreadsheet with SCROLL BAR tool to make it easier to synthesize and review information on Excel spreadsheets.

At this point, the tutorial on how to shorten an Excel spreadsheet with my SCROLL BAR is here to please pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.

Good luck !

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