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In Lien Lien Mobile, damage calculation is very important. Knowing damage will help you calculate the destruction of enemies, which can make a decision whether to attack or retreat.

To become a better player or play the game, refer to the information on how to calculate damage in the coalition mobile in the following article.

This is my personal opinion, so it will inevitably make mistakes. Leave your comments below to complete the topic of this article!

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I. Types of damage in Mobile Alliance

First, I will look at some of the damage series in Mobile Alliance. What types of damage are these characteristics, and how to defend? This greatly affects the damage calculation in the game. You need to know them.

The types of damage in a coalition include:

- Physical damage: Damage proportional to physical attack, usually caused by hand attack. It can be reduced when enemies gain more physical armor.

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (4)
Physical damage will have a small red display

- Magic damage: The damage is proportional to the magic, usually caused by skills and mostly found in magicians. Magic damage can be reduced by magic resistance.

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (3)
Magic damage is usually pale purple

- Standard damage: Is a special damage caused directly to the blood, ignoring the defense index is armor and magic resistance. Standard damage can be reduced by skills or damage reduction items.

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (2)
Hayate deals true damage

- Damage as a percentage of health: Damage is proportional to the opponent's blood (the more blood the more damage).

This is a special damage only found in some champions or equipment. It can be reduced by the defense index is armor and magic resistance.

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (4)
Thane's ultimate deals damage as a percentage of health

- Damage over time: Is the designated damage caused over time, can be interpreted as a corrosive poison, the longer it takes more blood.

II. Damage calculation in Mobile Alliance

The interesting thing about the mobile coalition is that the damage is calculated differently than some other moba games (LOL, Mobile Legend, ..). Specifically how I will show this as follows:

#first. Theoretical damage calculation

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Garena gave the theoretical calculation of damage:

Actual Damage = Damage multiplier x 600 / (600 + Armor)

=> This means that the bigger the armor, the smaller the actual damage.

A specific example:

Enemies have 300 armor and you have 1000 dame, the damage done will be calculated as follows:

Actual Damage = 1000 x 600 / (600 + 300) = 1000 x 0.857 = 857 Health.

The same, similar:

  • 600 actual damage armor = 1000 x 0.5 = 500 health
  • 900 actual damage armor = = 1000 x 0.4 = 400 health
  • 1,000 actual damage armor = 1000 x 0.375 = 375 health

However, there is another indicator that affects the theoretical calculation of damage that is reduced damage and immunity, armor penetration and armor reduction.

Reduced damage such as protective shoes (reduced by 15% of damage from hand attack), such as exemption chiêu 2 Omen's 50% immune, how will the damage be calculated?

#2. How to calculate the damage when armor penetration or armor reduction

how-to-deal-with-mobile-marketing (5)

There are regular damage break through armor, how to calculate damage?

First I will talk about armor penetration and armor reduction. These two stats mean you will subtract enemy armor and deal damage.

For example, how to calculate damage when armor is reduced and armor penetrated:

The enemy has 300 armor and you have 1000 dame + 100 armor penetration point (armor reduction). At this time Actual damage = 1000 x 600 / (600 + 200) = 750 damage. You have 100 armor penetration (armor reduction) so the enemy's armor is actually only 200.

# 3. Damage calculation when there is immunity or reduced damage

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (3)

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (2)
Guards help reduce the damage from hand attacks

Next is how to calculate damage when enemies possess immunity and reduce damage. There is one more formula to calculate the damage when having these indicators:

Actual Damage = Damage Indicator x (100% - percentage of final damage reduction)

In which (% damage reduction) = Initial damage x (100% -% damage reduction or immunity).

If there are two or more sources of reduced damage, the 2nd% reduction will = (1st% reduction) x (100% -% 2nd damage reduction or immunity)

This formula is derived from the formula:

% exempt = 1 - (1 -% source 1) x (1 -% source 2) x ... x (1-% source n)

Too confusing is not it! However, I will take the following example, you will understand immediately.

how-to-get-in-mobile-service (1)
Omen's killing intent helps increase immunity

For example: You have 1000 dame, the enemy is omen with 300 armor, on protective shoes, reducing damage by 15%, yes chiêu 2 (50% free), his teammates increase Huân chương hải thần (increased by 10% for free). Damage calculation is as follows:

Actual Damage = 1000 x (100% - percentage of final damage reduction)

  • (Percentage reduction rate of 1st damage) = 1000 x (100% - 10% from Marine Medal) = 900 dame
  • (% Damage reduction 2nd time) = 900 x (100% - 15% from Protective Shoes) = 765 dame
  • (3% damage reduction ratio) = 765 x (100% - 50% from Omen's second move) = 378 dame
  • (4% damage reduction rate) = 378 x (100% - 34% from 300 armor) = ~ 250 dame

So 1000 damage when hitting Omen he got Armor, Medal of God, Chiêu 2 and 300 armor will remain ~ 250 sát thương => (% Damage reduction final) = 75%

Through the example above you will see if there are 2 sources of damage reduction, the second damage reduction will reduce% of the original number is not it.

# 4. Damage calculation in the game

In the actual game, the damage calculation will be simpler than the formula that Garena applies a lot. It is calculated as follows:

  • For champions using skills: How much blood does a standard combo take?
  • For champions with basic attacks (ad): Shoot 3 shots how much blood?
how-to-get-in-mobile-service (1)
Damage calculation in the game: beat to death alone!

In the first case, using dame by skill you just try to combine combos on enemy champions. If you see a combo with half a tree, you need 2 combo to kill. Keep the blood of the enemy to half the health and you have enough combo when the auto kill dame to kill the enemy.

In the second case it is more difficult to deal damage with basic attacks because it also depends on the crit. I advise you not to do anything, just hit it until it runs out of blood. Put it in the body, take the rocket back.

III. Conclude

So I have finished talking to you about Damage calculation in Mobile Alliance downright meticulous and detailed. Hope it makes you enjoy and play better game. Do not forget to leave comments on this topic.

Hello and see you in the upcoming posts!

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