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Windows is a mysterious operating system, always contains a lot of surprises, and is waiting for us to discover.

Yes, in today's tutorial I will unveil a feature that few of us know about its existence on this operating system, which is the feature to convert batch file formats. .

There are many tools and software that support image conversion, image file conversion quickly and easily. And on the Blog, there have been many ways by the Admin and CTV friends, but in this article, I will share with you one more way to change the image file extension without software.

This means we will use some of the commands available on the Windows operating system to do this. If you feel interested, you can try it out okay 😀

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Batch convert image files without software

// In addition to converting image file format, this way you can convert formats such as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip ... more

+ Step 1: Create a new folder / folder (besides the desktop, or any hard drive partition). But note the name of the folder is English or Vietnamese without accents, does not contain spaces and special characters.

+ Step 2: Next press the key combination Windows + R To open the Run => dialog box and type the command cmd => and press Enter to open CMD dialog box.

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play-file-for-service-on-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (1)

Or Another way to open is to click Menu Start => Enter the command line cmd in the box Search Programs and files => then click cmd.exe to run the program.

file-file-opening-on-windows-from-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (2)

+ Step 3: At the CMD dialog box enter the command below => then press Enter.

CD space path to the folder containing the image files to be converted

Tips: Ideally, you should save the Folder in the Desktop for convenience (the path is short and it doesn't get confused).

Another small note: Here you only need to enter the correct path name letters and uppercase and often Windows will automatically identify for you.

file-opening-windows-on-windows-with-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (3)

+ Step 4: And here is the path to the folder that I need to convert, to determine the path, double click the link above and copy it.

file-opening-windows-on-windows-with-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (4)

+ Step 5: Then you Paste the above path into the CMD window by right clicking 1 time. Or if the situation is bad, please enter it manually 😀

play-file-for-windows-on-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (5)

+ Step 6: After confirming the link. You enter the following command => Then press Enter to execute.

Lace (convert), spaces * .png (current file format) and space * .jpg (the format you want to convert).

=> How is the full command, you see the picture below will be clear 😀

play-file-for-service-on-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (6)

+ Step 7: When the CMD dialog box returns the file path as shown below, it means process Convert image file format from * .png to * .jpg Already done. You can turn off the CMD dialog box.

file-opening-windows-on-windows-with-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (7)

+ Step 8: Then go back to your Folder to check the results.

file-opening-windows-on-windows-with-windows-bang-lenh-cmd (8)


Okay that's it. I have just guided you batch file format conversion command CMD on Windows easily then ha.

Apart from Converting png to jpg format as above. With CMD, you can also convert all formats such as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip ... quickly and accurately without the intervention of third-party applications.

Here, the tutorial article batch file extension on Windows with your CMD command would also be finished. Hopefully today's little trick on Windows will be helpful to you.

Good luck !

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