How To Add Awesome Fonts Into Wesbsite For Icons To Make Beautiful Layout

How to add awesome fonts to wesbsite

Hello everyone, congdongblog will share with you a good application on the website, you will add beautiful and beautiful icons as you like.

Font Awesome is a library that contains these Signature font or use in website. The symbol font is understood as the common icons to add to the website, neither the design to save images nor the css to consume space ...

  • How to add awesome fonts

There will be many ways to add to the website and use them, congdongblog will guide you 2 ways for you to use.

1: How to add awesome font to wesbsite using theme's function.php,

You just add the code below to the function.php to be used offline

function enqueue_our_required_stylesheets(){
wp_enqueue_style('font-awesome', '//');

2: How to add awesome fonts to the website with the link in the header.php of the theme

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

  • Font Awesome uses in the website

After you add the awesome font library, you select the desired icons to add to the website as you like:

Here are the icons of the Font Awesome library you can freely choose:

Note: Library icon tags only get when you add the code of the article but not visible to you anywhere.

For example: I added the information icon to make me more beautiful

 class="fa fa-address-card" aria-hidden="true"> Cộng đồng blog

Result :