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With a large market share, how have Chinese phone companies changed our view of smartphones?

Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Asus, Meizu, .... It is not uncommon for Chinese smartphone manufacturers to enter the country, and to succeed in this market.

However, these companies have a lot in common in products, and it is understandable that they can change our minds about the smartphone industry. So what have they changed? Please join me to learn more in this article!

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#first. "If I use that chip," then I lose to the ship?

Chinese smartphone brands have always had the leading strategy: Manufacture cheap machines with terrible configurations. This inadvertently turns the Smartphone market from a low-end gamer into a configurable market.

It is not natural that the Sony Xperia 8 is stoned. They look directly at the Snapdragon 630 chip and the price of 10 million to evaluate that.

However, they do not care, or need to know that Xperia 8 has Sony's new design, the camera has 5-axis OIS image stabilization, is IP65 - IP68 waterproof, has a very nice screen ....

Those things are hard to find on Chinese smartphones with the same price range, but it takes up to 12 or 15 million for these technologies to gradually appear on Chinese Flagship.

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So, Samsung's mid-range devices and most Sony products were suddenly stoned. Simply because it does not suit the tastes of our users.

#2. Bring out the camera, the number of dots and the Antutu points to show the world

Antutu Benchmark, a benchmarking tool for Snartphone from China, is quite understandable when carriers continually deliberately leak this score, or publish it during their product launch event.

Samsung, Apple, Google or Sony they never did, but they make a correlation of performance comparison with their previous models, or even rivals.

It is easy to understand this effect, when the monthly Antutu score is published, almost the Chinese machine occupies the Top 10.

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Xiaomi, Huawei or ASUS aren't at the forefront of the dual camera trend. LG is the one who opened this trend, and due to the influence of Apple iPhone, this has gradually become the standard in Smartphone technology.

However, Chinese phone makers are at the forefront of the 4-camera trend, with an enormous dot count. The numbers are useful to show off, but the image quality is not always good.

# 3. Buy a Chinese Gaming Phone and play a game

Due to the optimization of production lines and the number of components imported, Chinese carriers are racing to configure each other, and then Gaming Phone was born.

These are the machines that are introduced to be specialized in gaming, with good heat dissipation, aggressive design, great configuration and have good gaming accessories and technologies.

However, this configuration is redundant: 12GB of RAM is even more than a huge PC, and there is no way for you to play games that much Ram.

electric-vehicle-design-development-in-doubt (2)

As practical as Apple, they only need 3 GB of Ram, a powerful chip and an exclusive gaming platform that they were able to give users a much better experience.

# 4. Conclude

In my opinion, Chinese smartphones are changing our view of the market in a quite misleading direction.

The market for those firms is mainly in China and India. However, their products are very popular in Vietnam and quickly dominate our country market, changing product segments and user needs.

Well, whatever, cheap is fine, right?

Do you like using Chinese phones? Feel free to leave your comments below this article!

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