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Learn about the True Ice Arena, guide how to fight the Ice Kingdom effectively.

Although in this Meta the Ice Tribe's power has been reduced from stun 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. However, just that much is enough for the Ice Tribe to freeze the enemy team until death.

To combine a squad of 6 Ice Tribe is not easy so you need to combine: Ice Tribe - Element, Ice Tribe - Archers to promote more strength.

Before going to learn how to combine the strongest squad for Ice Tribe, let's take a look at the generals in Ice Tribe!

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I. List of generals belonging to the Ice Tribe

Lineup of 6 generals of Ice Tribe - Arena of Truth

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#first. Lissandra (Elemental - Ice Race)

Lissandra is the first hero you need to own in the Kingdom of Nations squad, this is the first piece that you can quickly upgrade to 3 stars.

#2. Braum (Guardian - Ice Race)

In this tribe Braum and Lissandra both cost 2 gold. Having Braum in the squad will help all allies reduce damage. Braum uses his main skill to create a shield for his teammates.

# 3. Volibear (Ice Kingdom - Gladiator)

Volibear's Thunder Clawing skill is both a shield for the team to withstand well, and does a significant amount of spreading damage. If he focuses on buffs for Volibear, this champion can also gank the team.

# 4. Ashe (Archer - Ice Tribe)

Ashe is an important card with a great deal of damage. In order for the team to survive the final rounds, you should look for Ashe 2 stars or even 3 stars and wear the right items for this champion.

# 5. Sejuani (Knight - Ice Tribe)

There are 4 gold in the arena of truth, so Sejuani has proven himself. With Until freezing the enemy team, Sejuani is one of the most important generals for the Ice Kingdom.

# 6. Anivia (Elemental - Ice Race)

At 5 gold and often appearing in the final rounds, Anivia also has a low appearance rate so getting Anivia in the squad is based on your dignity. Anivia is the ultimate combination that gives the Ice Tribe team a stun bonus.

II. Effects and power of the Iceborn squad

Frostfire's basic attack has a stun rate of 2 seconds

(2): 20% Stun rate

(4): 30% Stun rate

(6): 45% Stun rate

III. Lineup with Iceborn

Ice Tribe - Archer - Element

Lineup combination Ice Tribe - Archers - Demons is the number 1 choice and is being chosen by many gamers.

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  • 4 Ice Tribe : Ashe, Lissandra, Sejuani, Anivia.
  • 4 Archers : Vayne, Ashe, Varus, Kindred.
  • 3 Elements: Brand, Lissandra, Anivia.

Advantages : With this combination, the archer team has a doubled fighting style, Ashe's stun ability is increased. With the elemental system summoning a kicker helps the team to better block.

Defect : With the gameplay of focusing buffs for Ashe, it is very risky, if the enemy team has Phong Sword, Ashe's power will be broken for 6 seconds, at this time your team will be almost defeated. So you should share Do not focus on buffs for a champion.

IV. Epilogue

With what has been analyzed about the squad Ice Tribe Arena Truth Above, hope the article will help you play this squad easily and combine the strongest squad. Good luck. !

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