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Welcome back to the Knowledge Sharing Blog. Today, I will continue to guide and analyze the equipment of generals to help you climb the Rank better.

Since ancient times, there has been a general known as a god of the forest, and no matter how the times change, the strength and ability of that champion will not change.

That said, you probably already know it. No one else, that general is Nakroth - The blade of judgment. For things today, please join us in analyzing the entrance to the equipment Nakroth to be able to play better offline!

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I. What should Nakroth need?

First, to have a complete, suitable, and powerful equipment for different generals, we need to know what he needs to maximize his strength.

And Nakroth Also, he has different strengths and weaknesses, so the build should depend on these factors to maximize the ability to carry the team.

- First, Nakroth As a jungler, the first thing is jungle equipment to help kill soldiers faster. Also enjoy additional experience and gold from jungle monsters.

- Next, as an assassin, the damage is essential to Nakroth.

- Third, after using the second skill, it will increase the range as well as the damage caused by the next attack, so the equipment needs to promote this power.

- Next is the armor-piercing items to hit the gladiator champions, better blocking.

- The end is because Nakroth There is not much blood, so it is necessary to have life-saving items when there is a case of movement error or unfortunately.

II. The equipment for Nakroth

Today, I will introduce the equipment for you who are not familiar with this champion!

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#first. Leviathan Ax

When up Leviathan Ax When you go to the forest, you will have a stable amount of blood and good stamina to ensure the amount of blood to fight as well as rush to catch the main force without fear of evaporation immediately.

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In particular, the present Leviathan Ax accumulate a maximum of 20 times so the blood volume will be increased more. Also receive the scorching effect will cause an additional small amount of damage.

#2. Thick resilience

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In the Federation, control is always a very scary thing Nakroth is also very afraid of this. That's why getting up Thick resilience Not only adds speed and magic armor, but also has 35% very useful effect resistance.

# 3. Frequent break

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As an assassin, dealing damage is essential for Nakroth. So that Frequent break is an essential item for this general.

When to be Frequent break Not only does the physical bonus increase Nakroth but also has the ability to penetrate armor helps put more damage on gladiators.

Also increasing the movement speed when leaving the fight will help Nakroth Convenient to move when the move is over.

# 4. Icy robes

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As I said above, to maximize the amount of damage Nakroth Therefore, it is necessary to equip equipment to enhance the second attack.

Icy Cape is one of the items that do a great job of this task. Not only does it deal additional damage, but also health and armor Nakroth tougher and easier to catch the key.

# 5. Holy sword

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There was a time Nakroth Critical strikes is a fear for all the main forces because a single surfing 2 and basic attack are enough for the enemy to return to health or even death.

The up for yourself Holy sword will help Nakroth There is more damage and more virtual damage in teamfights.

# 6. Guardian armor

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Can say, Guardian armor like an item that all champions should be. And Nakroth Also, with the ability to revive 2 times in 1 match helps Nakroth can confidently go propulsion thanks to his mobility or can perform phases Backdoor God.

III. Epilogue

So I have to guide and analyze for The equipment of the generals Nakroth then ha. See you at the equipment Nakroth Next and wish you a good Rank climb.

Also do not forget to support to have more good and useful knowledge! Thank you, cordial and goodbye.

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