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    Newspaper V9.7.1 WordPress theme

    Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

    The Newspaper template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. So far, we have the theme integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

    This is the fastest newspaper theme available. We spent a considerable amount of time tweaking every aspect of the theme to perform at it’s absolute best.

    All the queries are hand inspected to be optimal, all the images and resources are carefully compress to make the site load blazing fast and all the scripts are profiled and modified to run at top speed.

    Version 9.7.1 – April 19th, 2019

    fix: Social share on default Single template.
    fix: Related Posts on default Single template.
    fix: Click issue on multi-purpose buttons.
    fix: Fonts for multi-purpose elements.
    fix: Mobile Theme plugin update in Welcome Theme plugins setup.

    [Version 9.7]

    Newspaper Theme is now compliant with the Envato current WordPress Standards – WordPress Requirements. This update is different as it makes changes to the theme’ code structure. It doesn’t influence the functionality and features.

    However, the update interferes with the child theme customizations. If you’ve made changes only in the functions.php and style.css files, your modifications are safe. In case you’ve altered other files, before updating your theme, please create a test environment and check out the changes there, not on your live website.

    Find all the details you need to know and do regarding this update in the dedicated article ( on our blog.

    new: Added New tracking functions for Google Analytics and Facebook on the Submit button in the Newsletter plugin
    new: Sticky Column options now also work for the Inner Columns
    fix: Logo structure for W3 Markup Validation
    fix: Other various style fixes

    Version 9.6.1 – March 19th, 2019

    improvement: New options added to the Mobile theme for more flexibility. You can now choose the way you display content on small screen devices using Mobile theme and AMP.

    Version 9.6 – March 6th, 2019

    Notice: The tagDiv AMP plugin was discontinued as we are introducing an easier, more elegant way to display your content on mobile devices using the official AMP plugin and the Mobile theme. When updating your theme to Newspaper version 9.6, tagDiv AMP plugin will be automatically disabled. Read More

    new: Introducing the Mobile theme with AMP Support. We’ve redesigned the Mobile Theme plugin to integrate seamlessly with the official AMP plugin for WordPress.Together, they come as a neat solution to quickly give you the best results. Increase your page loading speed on mobile up to five times faster.
    new: We’ve added Single Post Modified Date shortcode.
    new: Added Modified Date Option on blocks and modules.
    new: Added Modified Date Sort Order (filter).
    new: Introducing Unlimited Ads for your website. Place your ad code directly in the Ad Box shortcode; there’s no need to use an existing spot area. We’ve also added image ad support to give you unlimited possibilities to monetize your website.
    new: Added the Page Scroll with Percent Option for the Infinite Load on Post feature. Give your users the opportunity to enjoy more of your content with a new smooth experience.
    new: Added the New Block Header 18
    new: Added Icons for the Header Logo shortcode
    misc: New options to style the pagination on blocks
    misc: We updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version
    fix: Page mega-menu
    fix: H tag issue on the multipurpose elements
    fix: You can use a header template from a demo, and also load the header template you like from the tagDiv Cloud Library
    fix: Load on the font Header templates
    fix: Various CSS fixes

    Version 9.5 – February 6th, 2019

    new: 3 New installable demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library: Nomad, Racing, and Home Decor Demo. You can modify all the templates using the frontend drag and drop functionality:
    new: Fully customizable Racing Demo
    new: Fully customizable Home Decor Demo
    new: Fully customizable Nomad
    new: Introducing the Header Builder. Now you have the power to create completely different headers for various pages, sticky headers on desktop and mobile, but also special headers for small screen devices.
    new: The Header Manager. This feature allows you to have a different header on templates (think of it as your Headers Assign System :p)
    new: 35+ Header Templates. Fully editable, the header templates are easy to import and modify to fit your website perfectly. Almost all of them come with editable logos.
    new: 10 New header shortcodes – Drag and drop them into a new header and customize them with tagDiv Composer.
    new: Auto Loading feature for articles – When visitors reach the end of the post, another article is loaded. You can easily choose which one is displayed next.
    new: We’ve added a beautiful set of icons in Newspaper Theme font. They are very useful for crafting your logos.
    new: Shadow Controller for tagDiv Composer.
    misc: We’ve added 2 beautiful Styles for the multipurpose ‘Button’ Element.
    misc: Full compatibility with Gutenberg blocks.
    fix: Social share buttons.
    fix: Page settings in Gutenberg editor.
    fix: Flex blocks.
    fix: Display mobile grid (on Mobile Theme) only if ‘Featured’ category exists.
    fix: Some fixes for demos install.

    Version 9.2.2 – December 17th, 2018

    fix: thumbs appear properly for related articles using tagDiv AMP plugin.
    fix: XSS Security issue.

    Version 9.2.1 – December 12th, 2018

    new: option to hide row on pagination, useful for Posts Loop shortcodes.
    fix: LazyLoad on slow network connections. Please clear all your caches, including browser cache.
    fix: better support for WordPress 5.0.
    fix: various css fixes for flex blocks.
    fix: encoding issue when importing a section/template.

    Version 9.2 – December 6th, 2018

    new: Food Blog demo
    new: Lazy Load Effect – now images are loaded only when they are in the viewport
    new: 60 new Pre-Designed Templates in tagDiv Cloud Library
    new: Analytics Events and Facebook pixel events support for multipurpose blocks that use buttons. You can easily configure an event on any button that will be tracked
    new: Fixed count option in the Social Counter plugin
    new: Categories/Tags list and Search Form shortcodes
    misc: Full compatibility with Guttenberg and WordPress 5. We tested the theme with WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate to make sure that any problems are fixed on time for the next WordPress version.
    misc: We updated the Visual Composer plugin to the latest version
    misc: Exclude post or pages IDs for Loop shortcode. Useful when you want to exclude specific posts or pages on any template, for example to hide a page on the search template.
    fix: Inline ad
    fix: Category individual template now work as expected
    fix: Removed the open box animation in theme panel
    fix: Smartlist end h tags
    fix: Render shortcode on Column Text
    fix: Various CSS fixes

    Version 9.1 – October 15th, 2018

    new: 7 New installable demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library: Entertainment, Living Mag, Fast News, Gossip, Journal, Gaming, and Lifestyle Blog. You can modify all the templates like the single post, author page, category, and so on, using the frontend drag and drop functionality:
    new: Fully customizable Entertainment Demo;
    new: Fully customizable Living Mag Demo;
    new: Fully customizable Fast News Demo;
    new: Fully customizable Gossip Demo;
    new: Fully customizable Journal Demo;
    new: Fully customizable Gaming Demo;
    New: Fully customizable Lifestyle Blog.
    new: We’re introducing the intuitive Right-Click option in the tagDiv Composer page builder to bring you new features and a natural way to design your website:
    new: Copy and Paste options available from the Right-Click menu for elements, columns, and rows available; This functionality also works between pages, not only on the same page;
    new: Copy and Paste Style option. Now you can copy the customized style of an element and apply it to all the similar ones. The feature is available from the Right-Click menu for elements, columns, and rows. You can also use it between pages, not only on the same page;
    new: Reset Style option. Now you have the option to revert an element style to the default design settings. The feature is available from the Right-Click menu;
    new: Save as Element option. From the Right-Click menu, you can save elements and rows as predefined ones, and use them later from the ‘Add Element’ button in the tagDiv Composer
    new: Delete option. Now it’s easy to remove the unwanted items from your page, straight from the Right-Click menu;
    new: Duplicate option – available from the Right-Click menu
    new: Clear option available from the right-click menu. Now you can quickly remove all the elements from a column or row.
    new: 10 beautiful Big Grid Flex elements
    new: Style Presets for Big Grids Flex and Category Grids
    new: option to choose the H tag format for the Title element
    new: option to Duplicate a Cloud template
    new: “Used on” Column in Cloud Templates section. Now you can easily see which template is assigned and used on your website.
    new: Post Loop 2 element: Use this new element to display posts loop using other designs
    new: option to quickly change the Page or Template Name directly from the tagDiv Composer page builder editor
    new: Recent Comments element with new Extra Style settings
    new: the list of Used Colors for pickers is now available in tagDiv Composer in the Recent Colors section
    new: the list of Used Fonts is available in the tagDiv Composer under the Load Font Settings menu
    new: We’ve tested and updated the Visual Composer plugin to the latest version
    misc: new alert message box in tagDiv Composer
    misc: settings updated for the Single Review Overall and Summary Post elements
    misc: the List Menu element: added a new font option for the header title section
    misc: Flex block 1: added color option for the review stars
    misc: new options for Slide element. Now you can choose a specific height responsive
    misc: update for tagDiv Newsletter plugin: added MailChimp GDPR checkboxes
    misc: update for tagDiv Cloud Library plugin: new enumeration system for duplicated templates and other UX improvements
    fix: the tagDiv Composer panel’s appearance when the scroll is hidden in your browser
    fix: style for comment edit link
    fix: Column Text encoding issues
    fix: bug when deleting an assigned Single Cloud template
    fix: Single Post review – the Google Structured Data error
    fix: Flex Grids blocks – the horizontal align
    fix: smartlist missing paragraph
    fix: minor fixes for the tagDiv Newsletter plugin for the MailerLite
    fix: various fixes for the WooCommerce CSS
    fix: the Comments form issues
    fix: the Category Grids and Flex Grids blocks – the title hover color
    fix: Facebook ‘Like’ button issue on the Mobile Theme plugin
    fix: other minor fixes

    Version 9.0.1 – August 10th, 2018

    fix: block with title, column text and raw html elements crashed on specific circumstances

    Version 9.0 – August 9th, 2018

    new: tagDiv Composer now supports undo and redo actions.
    new: Classy demo. The first demo that is fully customizable with the drag and drop functionality. All the templates (like the author, category, single post, etc.) can be modified with tagDiv Composer.
    new: tagDiv image style: center full width – available in the image details panel while editing a post. This option centers the image and leaves it full width. This image style is very useful and enables creative designs with full images when the article has no sidebars.
    new: flex block 3, 4, and 5. The new flex block elements enable unique layouts with a lot of flexibility.
    new: option to hide the caption on featured images that are used on custom single templates.
    new: reviews are now fully supported on custom single templates.
    new: ajax pagination (load more, next prev, and autoloading) on the loop shortcode. This shortcode is used to create the archive templates, category templates, author templates, and others using the Cloud Library
    new: now you can load and select custom templates from the Cloud Library and customize them with tagDiv Composer: 404, archive, attachments, search and tag templates. Each author and category page can have a custom template.
    new: Pinterest on the Social Counter plugin
    new: 140+ customizable sections
    new: 39+ contact and about pages
    new: 15+ category templates
    new: 24 editable footers
    misc: the breadcrumbs now support custom links so you can easily override the ones provided by WordPress on custom templates like the author, single page, categories, and many more.
    misc: the breadcrumbs on custom templates now produce JSON-LD for SEO.
    misc: the local templates on tagDiv Cloud Library now can be filtered by type (single, category, author, etc.).
    misc: two new custom fonts spots. Now the theme can load up to 5 custom fonts.
    fix: the column text and block with title text is now encoded, so this should prevent problems when the page is manually edited.
    fix: various multi-purpose elements like recent comments and text with image.
    fix: live CSS button was not working on the Firefox browser.
    fix: various permissions checks in tagDiv Composer for the editors and authors. Now an editor can use the plugin but cannot change the header of the site or other sitewide settings.
    fix: Visual Composer 5.5+ interferes with tagDiv Composer functionality.
    fix: border-radius setting on buttons.
    fix: icon box description font was not working as expected.
    fix: CSS issues when speed booster is active.
    fix: while editing a custom single template, the comments now look just as they display on the front end
    fix: tagDiv Amp plugin now sanitizes the footer text as expected.
    fix: smart list 6 CSS fixes.
    fix: when using custom templates from tagDiv Cloud Library, the theme now displays the “no posts text” as expected.
    fix: offset support on loops that are used in custom templates now works as expected.
    fix: weather widget now allows a city id.
    fix: various fixes to the footer page.
    fix: various Firefox specific fixes regarding the shadow.
    fix: WPML support on author templates.


    Newspaper V9.7.1 WordPress theme download

    Video TUT Activate


    Thanks @burncode for help and have tutorial for v8.5 activation

    Newspaper 8.x activation method:
    private static function self_check($id, $ec, $ad) {
    return (md5($id . $ec) == $ad);
    As long as the MD5 value of $id plus $ec is equal to $ad, it can befor example :
    My server id is 2773ca44a34836fde76f6c5c2c5e3c0e,
    you can enter everything in NVATO PURCHASE CODE.
    for example

    md5(” 2773ca44a34836fde76f6c5c2c5e3c0e”.””);

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