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#first. Introduction to the game Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game, in the genre of adventure, action, role-playing games extremely interesting.

The creativity and construction of the game makes it possible for players to freely build projects that they design in the 3D world. In addition, the other features of the game also include search and survival, fighting.

All help players have a great experience, stimulating creativity. The creativity and attractiveness of the game attracts many players, not only the children but also many famous YouTubers to choose to experience.

Therefore, there is no reason that Minecraft is not the most popular game in the world. To date, Minecraft has more than 10 million downloads (particularly in Vietnam). If you want to increase your creativity, this is a great choice for you.

#2. There will be two options for players at the beginning of the game experience

- Survival mode: Players will have to search for resources to build the world.

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Besides, players must also fight to survive. In this mode, you can create items to serve the survival and development of the world thanks to the extremely diverse feature.

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For example: Above is the diverse map matching feature. As shown in the picture, we see that it is an oven used to bake food and create charcoal. In addition to the oven, you can assemble countless other items such as axes, swords ,, ..

- Creative mode: Where players are free to create their own works, without fear of no resources. In this mode, players will be able to use all the resources in the game without having to search.

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Also you can fly, immortal in this world. Besides, the point that attracts all pro when playing this mode is the MOD commands.

These commands will help us know what the impossible can be such as inspecting time, space and weather, ... extremely interesting and stimulate creativity.

Flight feature: Fly around the world with flight mode: You can observe, search, ... everything in the world from above.

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Mod features: The mod code will help us become more pro when playing with you.

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Some simple codes:

  • / time set day: Turn time to you days.
  • / time set noon: Switch time to the afternoon.
  • / time set night: Turn time to dark.
  • / time set sunset: Switch time to sunset.
  • / whether clear: It was sunny.
  • / whether rain: It rains.
  • / whether thunderstorm: Thunderstorms.

# 3. Link to download the latest Minecraft

Link Google / Mediafile link

Note: After downloading, you proceed to install on your computer and start to experience and explore. You can learn about playing at the Minecraft game column. Currently, there are quite a few posts, but I will update them gradually in this category. So, please bookmark it again to make it easier to follow.

# 4. Conclude

Above are some Basic information about the game Minecraft, if you love and intend to play, download the game immediately at the download link above to experience it.

Wish you experience the game happily. Love!!

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