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For texts such as essays, essays, topics ... then we will need to number the page for text to be easier to see, as well as more manageable.

However, in some cases, the text has a page number, but it does not suit your needs. So how to solve this?

Yes, the simple thing that everyone knows what to do, is to delete it. So, do you know how to delete page numbers in Word? If you do not know, please refer to this article.

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I. Delete the entire page number in the Word document

To delete all the pages in a Word document, we have the following:

Method # 1: Delete page numbers in Word (directly)


+ Step 1: Double click any page number in the text.

how-to-write-in-word (1)

+ Step 2: Scan / select the page => then press the key Delete on the keyboard to delete page numbers.

how-to-write-in-word (2)

+ Step 3: To exit you click Close Header and Footer or press the key ESC on the keyboard.

how-to-write-in-word (3)

Result: All page numbers have been deleted.

how-to-write-in-word (4)

Method # 2: Delete page numbers in Word (indirectly)


Open the text you want to delete the page number => then go to Tab Insert => next you choose Page Number => then select enter Remove Page Numbers to delete the page number.

how-to-write-in-word (5)

Result: All pages in the text will be deleted.

how-to-write-in-word (6)

Method # 3: Depending on improvisation 🙂

Depending on the number of pages on the top or bottom of the text we choose, if it's on the you choose to Header, and under then choose Footer.

how-to-write-in-word (7)

I will guide you to delete the page number at the bottom (Footer).

Perform: Go to the text you want to delete, select Tab Insert => Next select enter Footer => then select Remove Footer.

how-to-write-in-word (8)

II. Delete the first page number in the text

To delete the first page number in the text, do the following:


+ Step 1: Select on Tab Insert, next select on Footer => then select enter Edit Footer. Or you double click on the page number.

how-to-write-in-word (9)

+ Step 2: After you select it, Word immediately moves to Tab Design => Please tick the feature Different First Page.

how-to-write-in-word (10)

+ Step 3: Select on Closes Header and Footer, or press the key ESC to get out. Result: So the first page has been deleted and then the page you 😀

how-to-write-in-word (11)

III. Conclude

So in this article I have instructed quite detailed for you ways to delete entire pages in Word, and the Delete the first page number in the Word document Alright then.

You choose the way that you are easiest to remember to do. Hope this knowledge will help you. I wish you a happy day ^^

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